The Best Golf Courses in Las Vegas

If you love the feel of the links and a challenging game of golf, then a golf course in Vegas is just right for you. There are many great golf courses in Vegas and here are some of the best ones. Enjoy your visit and see why golf courses are so popular in Vegas.

Lake Las Vegas (also called Lake Mead) has one of the most challenging courses in golfing. It was originally built to test the abilities of the President of the United States. The problem was that it was difficult to drive on, making it a very expensive course for the public. However, a special regulation was enacted in 2021 allowing people with personal driving permits to drive on the course for free.

Treasure Island is a golf course with both modern and old appeal. The greens are large and the courses are undulating. This course is not suited for beginners since there are hazards in the underwater portions and one misstep on the water can lead to your ball going airborne. However, this is a great course for experienced golfers to practice on before heading out to play on more challenging courses. This course is also available to private players during certain times of the year.

Another golf course in Vegas is Sand Hollow. This is a challenging course where a player must use all of his skill to get his golf ball off the ground without making any contact with any sand. The best way to score is to hit the hole from the inside out. This course was built by none other than Jack Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers of all time. The holes are constructed in a unique and interesting fashion, requiring great skills and strategy to complete.

The Green Valley Golf Club is another one of the top golf courses in Vegas. Located right next to Las Vegas Strip hotels, the golf course is designed around one of the most famous smells in all of America: chocolate. It’s one of the best courses in Vegas for a number of reasons, including the beautiful environment, luxurious golf club, challenging golf course and amazing view.

If a person wants to play golf in Las Vegas, they should head over to The Pit. This is one of the newest golf courses in Vegas. It was recently built and is located next to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. To play, one must go through an underground tunnel system that allows them to view the green from above. It’s one of the newest courses in Vegas and was designed by none other than famed golfer Tom Watson.

Finally, if a golfer wants to experience a unique golf course in Las Vegas, they should head over to Sand Hollow. This golf course was designed by none other than Robert von Hagge, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest golf course designers of all time. It’s located just east of Venetian casino and has a scenic overlook of the Strip. In addition, it’s home to the only nine-hole golf course on the entire Las Vegas Strip. There are many perks associated with playing at Sand Hollow such as having tee times with world class players and having your choice of playing either on Sand Hollow greens or on the putting greens, making this golf course one of the most unique golf courses in Las Vegas.

These are just some of the more popular golf courses in Las Vegas. There are literally hundreds more courses available to play if someone wanted to do so. Las Vegas is a wonderful place to play golf and with all the amenities located close by, one can maximize their game while in Vegas. One should not leave Vegas without hitting one of these incredible golf courses. They are wonderful places to take the family or friends on a golf vacation that will leave an everlasting memory.