The Best Golf Rangefinder Models

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For all the golf enthusiasts, the Bushnell Star Trac Pro Rangefinder is a high end, digital rangefinder which can be used for many common situations, especially when one wants to hit the ball in tough situations. Bushnell Star Trac Pro is perfect for the amateur golf players who want to get the best of what they need from rangefinders without sacrificing quality and performance. To know more about this amazing rangefinder, read the Bushnell Star Trac Pro Review at the end of the article.


The Bushnell Tour V4 Jollux Rangefinder by Bushnell The bright round lens coupled with the built-in auto focus will make the Tour V4 the best golf laser rangefinder. The compact size and the one hundred and twenty-five pound weight of thethis golf rangefinder is its best selling points. The laser-assisted focusing system ensures that you get precise focus every time you use it. The side and rear panels are made out of rubber and have the capability of being gripped for comfort and convenience. The side switch on this model is located in the top right corner and it also has the power key.


The Bushnell Tournamentview XPX Golf Rangefinder is the most recent model of Bushnell’s pro rangefinders. It features a full metal body with a three-inch infinity focus and it has an auto-focus lock. With the forty-two-inch grip size, you can handle this golf rangefinder with confidence. It is equipped with the four-wheel drive terrain mode for use in both grass and sand. The digital LCD display clearly shows the white and red markers as they traverse across the target. The side switch, accessory shoe mount and the tripod mount are some of the other accessories used with this model.


The Tiger Woods Bushnell Diamond Platinum Golf Rangefinder sports a twenty-eight-inch infinity focus and it is capable of producing small pinpoint targets in over one hundred yards. This golf rangefinder is also an automatic focus that comes with a two-year limited warranty. It has a built-in, one hundred percent rubberized grip to increase your comfort and it comes with a nine-volt battery. This Bushnell model has the ability to produce tiny pinpoint points while providing the user with accurate range measurements.


The Pro PTX Tiger Woods Golf Rangefinder is also another popular Bushnell product and it features an eight hundred foot dual zone digital LED display with the ability to display degrees up to eleven hundred. The two hundred and fifty foot main dial to adjust the height and the eighty-five foot focus area allow for precise aiming. With the optional twenty-one inch and fifteen foot handheld grips, this golf rangefinder is designed for ease of operation and it has the ability to play short vibrating shots. It also features a built-in, seven hundred and twenty-two pound back battery, so it will never disappoint you.


The Roto Scout Bushnell Jolts Technology used in the Roto Scout Tiger Tour rangefinder has led the way in technologically advancing the golf rangefinder industry. While the older models of Bushnell used a pinseeker lens, the new models use a laser lens. Bushnell has also spent many years researching the cause of pinhole glasses, which were causing eye damage in golfers who used them for many years. They finally came up with the “stop eye” technology that eliminates any eye damage by not allowing dust to enter into the optical system. This Bushnell model is also water resistant, meaning that it can be used as a golf training, or practice tool as well as a golf rangefinder.