The Different Golf Jobs That Are Available in the Golf Industry


If you have an interest in golf courses and want to get involved in the professional golf management side of things, there are several golf jobs that you could consider. These golf jobs are in a variety of different areas that range from a local golf course manager to a national golf tournament director. Whatever your interest is, there is a golf job available for you.


One of the golf jobs that is quite often available is a sport management or event director position. In this role, you would be involved with many different facets of a golf tournament or event. For example, you would work directly with the event staff, which would include a secretary, a public relations person, and a vendor for the event. You would also be able to coordinate many other aspects of the golf industry, including the staffing of the course itself as well as the hiring of caterers and other vendors. This can be a very rewarding position if you have the ability to work with people and coordinate a large event.


Another position that you may look into is that of a golf professional, which essentially means that you are the general manager of a golf course. This includes the hiring of the rest of the staff, the scheduling of tournaments, the payment of the golfers, and the overall management of the golf program. While a golf job is more generally found in large golf courses, you may find that there are openings in small golf courses and even in public golf facilities around the country.


There are also many golf jobs available in the area of payroll administration. In this role, you would be responsible for handling the money that is collected at the various golf courses on a daily basis and processing payments. Your main focus would be the collection of money and processing payments. Many people that work in this capacity get some of their pay by commission, which means that they get a percentage of each payment that is processed. This can be an extremely valuable position and one that provide for good income. Many companies in the golf industry will advertise for someone that has both the skills necessary and the knowledge to take on this larger role.


The role of a club manager is slightly different than the one of a golf professional. The primary difference is that a club manager is allowed to hire their own employees, under the right circumstances. Unlike a golf professional, a club manager is not generally limited to people who already work for them within the company. They may require potential employees to have worked for the company for at least a year in order to be considered for employment with the club.


A final golf job would be that of a golf coach. If you love to play golf and are interested in helping other people play their best game, you may want to consider becoming a golf coach. A golf coach is responsible for the overall direction and management of all the golf courses in an area. This includes the hiring of employees, as well as the supervision of their performance. In some cases, a golf coach can act as a sales representative for the various golf courses, in order to help increase profits.