The Friendly Village at Meadows Golf Course

As the title suggests, Friendly Meadows Golf Club offers a warm, friendly environment on some of the finest and picturesque country terrain that this state has to offer. Hanging by the side of a picturesque lake and surrounded by rolling hills, the golf course is a picture postcard image of North Carolina’s natural beauty. Making use of its secluded rural setting, friendly golf courses provide a complete getaway from the daily stresses of life, offering players a chance to unwind amidst natural beauty. Set just a stone’s throw away from Charlotte, Meadows Golf Club offers several unique packages that allow golfers to enjoy this venue at their leisure, whether they wish to tour the course, play a round or eat a meal.

With nine different golf courses, ranging in size and difficulty, Meadows offers something for all golfers, from beginners to professionals, with an average of 401 acres of highly manicured land. The property is surrounded by an ever changing landscape, offering players the chance to come back to the same scene year after year. A number of the courses have been developed to accommodate golfing families, and the club does not restrict the number of family members who may join on a given day.

Amenities such as custom golf carts, a putting green and a professional staff ensure that players have everything they need to make their trip comfortable. There are also a number of restaurants located nearby, including an award winning restaurant and bar. One of the attractions is the Friends’ Center, which features special events on a regular basis. Located next door, the Meadows’ Tree Farm offers scenic sights for those interested in visiting while on a golfing vacation.

The course is accessible by numerous public and private roads and also by bus service. Driving maps and price lists are available at the clubhouse or onsite. There are also plenty of stores and souvenir shops for those who want to take home something from their trip. Amenities include custom baskets, beverage containers, hats, sunglasses, gloves and more. Meadows is also host to a small town known as Olde Town, which is populated with tourists from near and far.

As part of the course’s family-friendly atmosphere, many of the holes have playgrounds for children. Old Town has many shops featuring unique items, and there is also a gift shop for those who would like to buy something special for someone. There are also lots of restaurants located within walking distance of the course, making it easy to stop for a meal. Meadows Country Club even serves dinner twice a day, with complimentary coffee available. Other dining options include a pub known as the Armchair Pub, where local brews are served during the evenings.

Meadows has seen many ups and downs over the years. For instance, the turnarounds at the course were once closed, due to vandalism. This caused much of the course to be left unplayable for several months until the turnarounds were fixed up. Another downside to Meadows is that golfers often forget about the small village that is situated next to the course. Many golfers choose to play at this village instead of staying put in the golf course. However, Olde Town still provides nice accommodations for overnight stays, and plenty of golfing is available year round.

The clubhouse at Meadows features a state-of-the-art meeting room, which allows you to reserve meetings online without having to waste precious time finding a suitable room. There are also several meeting rooms available for renting by the hour or by the day. Meadows Country Club features an annual meeting that is open to all residents of the area. Come to learn more about the various clubs in town, as well as get advice on how to get started playing golf. The club also hosts charity events, such as a 5k road race every June.

If you are planning a trip to England’s most famous countryside then be sure to take your own Golf Bag. Meadows has it all – from friendly pubs to world class hotels. If you don’t want to book your accommodation online, don’t worry. You can still find everything you need at the local Loughborough train station. The station offers coach services from Meores to Manchester, as well as coach hire from all of Meores’ neighbouring towns and cities. You will be able to reach Manchester just a short time after arrival, and from there, it is just a short walk over to the famous Lea Hall Park where you can hit the driving range and have some fun with your friends and family.