The Golf Digest Hot List – What’s Hot This Year?

The Golf Digest Hot List – What’s Hot This Year?

Every year there’s a fair bit of chatter around the Golf Digest Hot List, an Uncensored (!) guide to all the latest and greatest golf clubs. This year’s edition featured golf equipment from such companies as Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, Cleveland golf, Foot Joy, TaylorMade, Nike, Titleist, Foot Joy, Taylormade and Titleist. Interesting categories this year were Equipment Design, Accessories & Equipment, New Golf Clubs, New Golf Equipment, Advice & Training, Fitness, Golf Strategies, and Overall Golf Game.


Let’s get into it. First up are the putters. Apparently there’s some new technology in putting that can help golfers with accuracy, power and distance. According to Golf Digest the new Micro Putter from Mizuno has “an unusually large number of tiny impact zones.” It’s the same putter used by Greg Norman and Nick Faldo in their campaign to earn themselves 20 stars and earn themselves sponsorships with tour professionals, which puts more pressure on them to perform.


Now if you really want to be on the cutting edge of golf technology, check out the new Avaya GPS+ software for the Avaya phones and the Pinnacle stachura. I’m not sure if these two items made it to the Hot List because both are more golf related than anything else. But they’re still worth checking out. And if you want to see a list of Hot List clubs, visit my site for a list of the best irons, woods, drivers, wedges and other golfing gear at discount prices.


Next on the list this year are golf fitness equipment. The inclusion of golf fitness products and clubs into the golf Digest Hot List is a great move because it shows that the golf business is recognizing the need for a healthier game. It’s hard to play golf if you’re not at full strength. And even if you do work out, your body needs rest. So I applaud Mizuno for recognizing that not all golfers are willing or able to commit to an intense fitness regimen every single day.


Finally, you’ll find that this year’s Hot List features an innovative line of driver clubs called the Master Driver Series. With a titanium blade and a weighty shaft, these clubs are among the heaviest irons on the market. The newest additions to the Hot List, drivers were previously overlooked by professionals.


These golf clubs were originally designed by a legendary golf player who invented the stance that many players stand with today. To date these clubs have gone through multiple product lines and have seen countless changes and improvements. You can check out my personal Top 10 best putters, irons, woods, and drivers right now at Golf Digest. Or go straight to the hottest new golf equipment on the market now.