The Golfing Gear For Girls

Girls Golf has exploded onto the sporting scene over the last few years as a competitive but socially acceptable (and very sexy) sport. Women and men play the game at every level from kids who play at youth leagues to women who compete at the senior professional ranks. But no matter where girls are playing, they have one thing in common; they need great golf gear. And not just any golf gear, mind you. They need quality, trusted brands that create quality ladies golf equipment that looks cool, performs well and can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Girls Golf apparel is split into two major categories: dresses and shirts. Dresses are usually reserved for dress-up type games like church and school dances. Shirts are for the “real golfer” – practice games, tournaments, recitals, and so on. The reason that there are two types of girls golf gear is because golfing is a diverse sport and a lot of gear can be worn differently by different players. Dresses and shirts are meant for the dress-up crowd, while shirts are meant for the real golfer.

One of the most important pieces of girls golf gear is the golf club. Every golfer, from beginners to pros, should own at least one full size girl golf club in their garage. Girls golf clubs are generally smaller than men’s, for the obvious reasons: smaller club heads will enable the golfer to execute more delicate shots; the short length of the club head allows the golfer to make quick, accurate swings; and the grip of the club is ideally suited to the female hand. With these advantages, girls golfers can perform just as well on a course with other guys as they can on a course with the guys.

One item of girls golf gear that every golfer should own is a set of earplugs. Earplugs prevent dust, sand, noise, etc. from entering the ear canal, which can cause hearing damage. It’s important to always wear an adequate supply of earplugs, especially if playing outside in very dry weather.

Another important piece of girls golf gear is a golf towel. Golf towels are very functional and serve multiple purposes. First of all, they provide a comfortable, hygienic way to dry off after a day of golfing. They also help to protect the skin from damage from the course surface, as well as injury. Finally, many towels made for women have special liners that keep them waterproof.

If you have any doubts about how good your swing is, it’s a great idea to get a few practice swings with a golf club of your own. By using your own clubs, you can test your posture, swing motion, balance, etc. This can be especially useful if you’re a beginner, since you don’t have to pay for a private lesson with a golf pro. You can even borrow some golf clubs from a friend, to give yourself some practice time.

Last but certainly not least, is a great pair of golf socks. Many girls golf gear companies offer styles specifically designed for girls. Some are even made out of light cotton and mesh for extra comfort. In addition, there are many different colors available, so you can coordinate your girls golf gear with your golf shirt. Socks, gloves, and shoes all make great accessories to have on hand.

Hopefully this article has given you several ideas for the kinds of girls golf gear you might need. Girls’ equipment should match their style and personality, not clash. By keeping the above mentioned items in mind when shopping for girls golf gear, you should be able to find something that not only looks great but also is comfortable and appropriate for the game of golf. Good luck on your next trip to the course!