The Growing Popularity of Flowing Golf Clothing

This style can be called funky golf clothing or just funky golf clothes. While many golfers wear a standard or shell-shaped hat with a brim, some golfers wear a bandanna with some color or trim. Again, this is simply a matter of taste.

The Growing Popularity of Flowing Golf Clothing


When I think about it, I suppose it would be tough to call any type of golf apparel or golf clothing that falls into the category of “funky” however there are some things that are in this category that is certainly not acceptable in any golfing setting. One of these items would be golf shirts. I have found that many professional golfers either wear tank tops or bandannas. Now, this is not to say that anyone who does not golf, should not wear them, but you may want to consider that they may present an image problem while out and about. If you are the sort of person who is always ready to get your outfit on and go, then by all means, do so, but otherwise, keep those fun golf clothes at home!


Another item that would be considered somewhat funky would be polo shirts. Now, I love any type of polo shirt that I can get my hands on, especially one that says Nike on the front. You can find these types of shirts all over the place, not just at your local sporting goods department or from any random online retailer. You can even buy them in plain colors if you prefer, or in stripes or with some type of logos or artwork printed on them.


If you have been to a golf tournament, you know that a polo shirt is absolutely required. These are just so much fun to wear, because you can use them to add a bit of zest to an otherwise boring outfit. If you do not care for the idea of wearing one of these shirts for golfing, then you can still use them for other occasions. Many people like to wear them with a pair of jeans and a nice tank top. In fact, polo shirts are even often worn as layering pieces over a more traditional outfit.


It is also very popular to wear polo shirts with slacks, which of course will make for a very cool-looking ensemble. Remember to take the time to look for some nice polo neck sweaters as well. I know that I have a couple of pairs of sweatshirts that I keep at hand simply because they are so comfortable and warm. Polo neck sweaters are usually made of a thick wool for extra warmth.


One item in particular that is often considered very funky is a pair of dark jeans. Yes, dark denim jeans. If you are planning on going out on a golfing vacation this year, I recommend that you start shopping around for some nice pair of dark denim jeans. Again, make sure that you make sure that they are faded and not stained or faded.


Also, it is quite popular to wear polo shirts with sport jackets. If you are planning on going skiing this upcoming winter, you might want to keep your sport jacket at home and go out in a nice polo shirt. Sport jackets are often made of thick wool, which is great for providing warmth. If you don’t own a sport jacket, you should consider purchasing one to complete your stylish ensemble. Polo shirts also look nice with long sleeves. Just make sure that the sleeves are not too long as you do not want your sleeves to get stuck up in your trap.


Of course, the above is just a quick sampling of some of the most popular funky golf clothing that is available. Yes, there are a lot of other types of apparel that can be considered to be part of the funky golf clothing collection, but polo shirts and sport jackets are some of my favorites. Just remember that if you aren’t planning on taking up golfing seriously, don’t spend too much money on golfing attire that will only get in the way once you are on the golf course.