The History Of Golf Today

Every week, Golf Today magazine releases a special report detailing one little-known but exciting fact about the world’s most popular leisure activity: golf. The Golf Today team are usually joined in studio by special correspondents from various networks to discuss the latest events, and also cover the various high-profile tournaments. The golf coverage also includes a number of features not seen anywhere else. For example, a quick look at the women’s world cup reveals that some of the players participating are wearing golfing attire for the first time! And you can also find out more about the current rankings, and where they rank, as well as how to subscribe to the magazine.

The History Of Golf Today


Golf is a game that has been dominated by men throughout its history. However, in recent times, there has been a growing number of women playing the game. In fact, according to Golf Digest’s survey of golf club members, only 35% of them are women. One reason for the growing interest in golfing for women is the availability of affordable golf clubs – which have traditionally been more expensive for men, due to the size of golfing equipment used.


Of course, as golf clubs become even cheaper, more women are choosing to play golf. This means that golf clubs today are much larger than those available many years ago, requiring larger and heavier women to hit the ball. But even for those who are slightly overweight, golf can still be an enjoyable game. There are even golf fitness camps available for those interested in incorporating a golfing routine into their fitness regime.


Despite the increased popularity of golf, many women are reluctant to play the game in public. Part of the problem is that it is seen as a “man’s sport”. However, having great golf clubs does not automatically translate into being a better golfer. Women can improve their game simply by using them on a regular basis. By improving their swing, flexibility and accuracy they will soon see improvements in their handicap. And once they are playing regularly, the friends that they make may even encourage them to take up golfing in a more competitive atmosphere.


In the past, golf clubs were primarily made for men. However, many companies have decided to produce golf clubs for women, based on the feedback from women players that such equipment makes the game more fun to play. Now, there are many different types of women’s clubs available to choose from. You can choose golf clubs that are specially designed for women, or even ones that are produced for the entire female population.


The game of golf can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your physical abilities are. So get out there on the links, and practice your game. If you have never played before, then you will want to do some research before you start out. Not all golf games are the same, so find one that you think you would like to play. Over time, you will be able to develop your own style of play, and you may just discover a new hobby that you love.