The New Golf Polo for Women

Golf polo shirts and apparel are definitely the most popular golf wear choice for ladies. With the popularity of golf on the rise as well as a greater awareness of the sport for the fairer sex, it’s no wonder that golf apparel choices have expanded to include more options for ladies. In addition to the traditional green jacket and polo shirt, ladies polo shirts can now be purchased in a variety of styles and fabrics, including lace and knit tops, and skirts that have short or long sleeves. Ladies apparel is certainly designed to complement any golf attire, whether it’s an expensive golf accessory or just a plain tee shirt and shorts.

The New Golf Polo for Women


The majority of golf polo for women come in solid colors like black, dark brown, navy, cream, and light blue. These colors offer a professional look with the ability to go from day to night easily. Additionally, many polo shirts have zip-down collars or zippered fronts with buttons, and some even have double-breasted styles. These are great for sunny days when you want to stay cool and still look professional at the same time. Moreover, women’s golf apparel can be found in nearly any size, so even if you’ve just started playing golf, there are ladies polo shirts available to help you get started.


One of the most popular golf accessories that many women enjoy wearing besides their golf clubs is their golf apparel. However, it may be surprising to find out that men also purchase golf polo for women, and for the most part these are used by male golfers. Most male golfers are accustomed to wearing golf shorts or khakis and prefer polo shirts with golf clubs on them. For them, golf polos are a good compromise of style and comfort.


The traditional golf polo shirt is made from heavy fabric and generally doesn’t breathe, which can be awkward during hot weather. This makes many men choose to wear golf shirts made from lighter-weight fabrics. Ladies golf polos are made in such fabrics as cotton and flannel, which breathe much better and keep the manly sport for men on their minds. Moreover, since women are often more conscious about their appearance than men, polo shirts make excellent fashion statements.


When golf season comes around again, most people wait to purchase their golf polo shirts only until then. Then they realize that their daughters just bought polo shirts for their junior golfers and so they rush out to the nearest golf store to buy the new ones. The golf apparel market is actually quite large, with brands like Jack Black, Titleist, Ping, and Nike making a name for themselves in the market. Hence, it is always in great taste to buy your golf gear from a well-known manufacturer.


It may also be surprising to note that golf polo shirts are now available in a variety of colors and patterns. Previously, the choice of ladies polo shirts was limited to gray, navy, pink, black, and brown. Today there are golf polo shirts available in colors like red, yellow, pink, blue, green, polka dots, and even animal prints. In fact, if you do not find your favorite color, then all you need to do is ask the seller to dye the polo shirt for you! Whatever the pattern and color, golf polo shirts are a must have for women’s golfing apparel.