The Secret of Golf Workouts for Distance

The Secret of Golf Workouts for Distance

Golf workouts for distance need to focus on developing your upper body. The main muscle group used during any golf workout is your upper body including your chest, shoulders, and arms. Golf workouts for distance work on your upper body specifically targeting your chest, upper, and lower arms. It does not matter how big your muscles are, it’s all about flexible, tight upper body with loose lower body and good upper body balance to keep balance during a long swing. Use a medicine ball to take an easy position and get a feel for your stance.


The standard golf workouts for distance are usually lower to mid rep sets targeting the lower part of the body and high to low rep sets targeting the upper part of the body. This should be done twice a week. You can switch up these sets to get different results. For example, maybe start with low-low sets targeting your lower back and hips, then work your way up to high-medium sets targeting your glutes.


One way to find balance and improve your golf workouts for distance is using a medicine ball and performing front leg squats. These movements are done by you holding a barbell with a weight in each hand. You alternately squat the weights with your legs making sure that you stay close to the barbell. As you get stronger you can add other exercises such as dumbbell lunges and dumbbell hyperextensions.


Another important aspect of golf workouts for distance is speed or club head speed. The easiest and quickest exercises to develop club head speed are those that use momentum. A good example of these is to use momentum to swing both arms at the same time. Another one is to swing with the hips while holding a club in each hand. To do these exercises you must learn to control your body and how to transfer your weight from the balls of your feet to your arms.


One of the best golf workouts for distance is to train your glutes. This muscle is often times overlooked and as a result many golfers who need to hit the ball harder do not use it. They will do other exercises such as calf raises, squats, etc., which will help strengthen the muscles, but they will not train the guts to become stronger. The best thing to do is to train and workout the glutes so that it will be ready to support your swing.


Some golfers like to have a partner to practice their swings with. This is a great idea because it gives more fun to the golfer and allows for a more even tempo as you practice. There are many ways to have a partner or two to practice by including friends, family members, neighbors or co-workers. The best golf workouts for distance can be done with a group, so try not to limit yourself to one set of exercises. The only limit is your imagination!


A few of the best golf exercises for distance are rope golf workouts, swinging on an exercise wheel, putting, etc. These golf exercises can be done at home or at the office. For example, rope golf workouts can be done by getting the golf clubs and swinging them as hard as you can. The next step is to walk, put your hands up and simulate swinging. Next you increase the speed until you are almost running and this is when you begin to do the putting. The great thing about these golf exercises is that they are easy to do and only take about 15 minutes to complete.


Finally, one of the best workouts for distance is to perform plyometrics. Plyometrics is an exercise program that was originally developed for Olympic athletes. Today plyometrics is used by many professional athletes, including baseball players, basketball players and football players. It can greatly improve your speed and agility and some professional golfers hire professional trainers to teach their golfing partners how to perform plyometrics. If you have been trying to get in shape and you are not having any success, it may be time to start researching what types of exercises are available to you.