Throwing a Golf Themed Birthday Party for a Young Man

Are you hosting a party on your next weekend and want it to be Golf Theme Party? Then why not throw a Golf Party! There are so many party supplies and party games that can make your party rock. Not only will your party be the ultimate success but the memories of your party will last for years.

Throwing a Golf Themed Birthday Party for a Young Man

If you’re planning a golf party, then we have some golf party ideas for you! Have the girls dress up in their little girl’s golf apparel and don’t forget the guys.

For the golf party ideas, you can also have pinatas being passed out at the party or even a miniature golf game. A good golf themed party supplies list would have these party games and other accessories listed out. And, don’t forget the golf party invitations, because these are a definite must-have.

These golf party ideas would include several games of golf (you can even get the kids to start playing), miniature golf, and pin the ball through the holes!

You can set up a mini-golf course with tee’s all around each of the tables. Serve up the golf themed party food in paper party cups or plastic serving bowls. A great game to play would be golf tag; where each guest is given a golf tee. They then need to put the golf ball into the hole (make sure they get the ball through the hole first as they don’t want to take the ball off!).

For an extra-special birthday boy party, you could give the birthday boy’s (and maybe the parents) party invitations in the shape of golf balls.

Decorate the invitations to look like golf balls and include the words “Come on, hit the links, come on, hit the links!”

If you want to go a step further, get some inexpensive golf themed party supplies. There are plenty of party hats, golf clubs, golf balls, and other golf items that you can purchase at your local party store. Just make sure you know the estimated number of party guests before you order the party supplies.

For a great golf themed party idea for a little boy’s birthday party, you may want to consider a pin the tail on the donkey party.

To decorate for this party, you will need red, yellow, and orange cloths and a pinata that are made of black construction paper and cellophane. Cut out a donkey head from the fabric and have it attached to a long piece of twine and just plain attach to the wall.

You can then hang a large “nail” from the ceiling above this area and people will have to put their fingers in the “nail” to win a prize. This makes an excellent activity for little boys and can be incorporated into a much more elaborate party by using pinatas or party hats.

Another way to plan a great golf themed party for a birthday boy is to order custom golf balls.

There are many stores that sell standard golf balls, but if you don’t find them in your area, you can always shop at online retailers. Ordering golf themed balls is also very easy. Simply look for an online party supply company, pick out what you want (usually just select “Golf balls” or “Biscuit ball”), and pay for it. Within a few days, you’ll have your party goods!

Speaking of party favors, one of the nicest ways to tie a golf themed parties together is to make a dessert table filled with golf balls. You can find these products almost anywhere these days; they’re just as abundant as the party supplies you find at your local party store.

A great idea for a dessert table would be to fill a round plate with a variety of golf balls arranged in a grid pattern. Then, as guests arrive, they can each take one and place it into the grid as a decoration. This is especially fun when the birthday boy is hosting the party, because it will serve as a wonderful keepsake for all the guests!

A great party favor to end the day with is to supply each guest with a small golf club. Ask the guests to bring a photo ID to verify their identification before they receive their little golf clubs, and then the men can give the women’s golf clubs as gifts at the party.

This is also a great party favor for a junior party – for example, you can supply the children with golf clubs for their little girl’s party. Or, you can supply golf balls for the few golfers to play with in place of the standard golf clubs. This way, the children can learn the basics while having fun at the same time! It’s also a great way to tie a golf themed party into the gift of golf!