Tips For Creating More Accurate Golf Swings Through Proper Fundamentals

Proper golf swing sequence is what building consistent, effortless power in your golf swing. By breaking it down into its different stages, you can build a powerful golf swing by learning the right sequence. In the simplest form, it looks like this…

Your golf swing sequence starts with your lower body, then upper body, next your forearms and last your hips. The first four stages of sequencing move the club through the ball first. The hips first fire at the end of the downswing, carrying the arms, shoulders & club with them. As the hips stop decelerating, the shoulders accelerate – upper body speed comes from forearms & shoulders to arms & last the club remains in contact with the ground. This is important to remember because if the body moves too fast from the start, it can cause the shot to go way off target.

To get your hips to fire at the right time, it’s important to first practice proper hip rotation. This involves starting with your feet hip distance apart from one another. You will then want to rotate your hips so that your torso stays over the ball and not outside it. Remember to keep your back straight and don’t bend your knees or hips during the movement. With proper hip rotation and good balance, you will be ready to make your golf swing sequence movements.

Second, your lower body must move correctly through the takeaway. Remember that your lower body acts as an anchor for all the other elements in your golf swing sequence. So, as you are swinging your club, you want to keep your hips as high as possible to get the ball out in front of your target. Your lower body must also accelerate through the takeaway while maintaining a proper golf swing sequence. In other words, you have to keep your backswing down, then explode your hips through the top of your backswing.

Third, make sure that you are practicing proper hand positions for each of the parts in your golf swing sequence. By doing this, you will be able to focus on the parts of your swing that you need to work on the most. You will be able to do this through a series of drills that consist of a drill followed by a pause, followed by a drill, followed by another drill. By doing this, you will be able to practice different hand and wrist positions during your swing.

Fourth, you should also focus on keeping your upper body in proper alignment as you swing. In general, people’s upper body positions will tend to deviate from their correct athletic movement. This happens because the muscles that act as your stabilizers, including your abdominal muscles, your back muscles, and your shoulders, will tend to sway towards your waist or your legs as you make your golf swing motion. By keeping your upper body in its rightful position, you will be able to create a more accurate arc to hit the ball better with. By aligning your upper body correctly, your lower body will also be kept in its proper position to produce an accurate and complete golf swing sequence. This will also create better balance as well as prevent any loss of power at the moment of impact.

Fifth, you also have to practice proper grip on the club when you are going to play. Most golfers that have not properly gripping the club have a greater chance of missing the ball during their shot. Worse, improper grip will also affect the trajectory of the ball as well as the power that you can generate to hit the ball. In other words, having a good grip is one of the keys to a perfect golf swing sequence. Most golfers, however, do not have a proper grip. By practicing proper grip techniques, you will be able to fix this problem.

Lastly, a great stance shoulder width apart from each other is another key to effective and accurate golf swings. If you have a shorter stance shoulder width apart, you will not be able to generate more power and accuracy in your golf swings. In addition, it will also make your shots a bit easier to manage because your stance will not permit yourself to cock your wrists fully. So, by maintaining a proper distance between your feet, you will be able to create the proper sequencing of movements during your golf swings.