Tips For Men’s Fashion in Golf

Every man who is an avid golfer would always like to have a great looking golf outfit. Golf is one of the most widely played sports all around the world. It attracts almost as many people as football or basketball and the number of players who play this game has reached almost 400 million. It is also considered as one of the most expensive sports and is expensive not only because of its high level of skill that one can acquire but also the amount of time and money that is invested in it. It takes a lot of practice, dedication and a great deal of time to perfect your golfing skills.

If you are a golf enthusiast then you will surely know and understand how important golf clubs are in this game. It is considered to be an art form because the way one swings his golf club is very important and should be done perfectly in order to get it right every time. So you need to wear the right attire when playing golf to avoid being injured or to simply have fun.

There are several kinds of golf clubs that one can use. Some of these are long irons, drivers, putters and woods. Each of these golf clubs has its own specific kind of action when hitting the ball. This is what makes golf a exciting game. Different clubs suit different people. And you can choose golf outfits that will best suit your golfing style.

Long irons have blades tipped with diamond and the head of the club is made of solid wood. In other words, this golf club is expensive and it looks really presentable and masculine when worn. The head of the club is covered with hair so that it looks clean and tidy. You can try wearing a suit and a golf club bag to make this outfit look great on you.

Drivers are designed for precision play. It looks nice to play with this kind of golf clubs. Its top of the shaft is made of diamond and it is usually weighted. It offers the right distance and you can use this to get strokes and putt makes. To add more masculinity to your golf outfit, wear a polo shirt coupled with leather golf shoes.

Putters are usually heavier in weight than drivers and they are designed for precise shots. Their tops of the shaft are usually covered with feathers and their sole is made of wood. Women do not like to play golf with putters. Although, if you are able to play with this kind of equipment, you can have an advantage. You can control your shot and you can also have a perfect stroke. If you prefer to play golf in style, wear a tuxedo along with a golf club bag.

Woods are usually used for short games. They look better if you have dark suits and they can be used in informal games too. In case, if you want to look more formal during formal tournaments, you should go with a white putter. If you are a fan of vintage golf clubs, you can go with old school types. The shafts and head of such golf clubs will definitely give an old look to you.

If you are a beginner and you do not have much knowledge about golf clubs, you should consider taking lessons from a professional instructor. He can help you learn more about the equipment and will help you choose the best ones. This is a great idea especially for those who do not know where to start. You can even get the best deal on golf clubs by doing it online. There are many online shops that will offer discount golf clubs.