Tips for Purchasing Golf Shorts For Women

Tips for Purchasing Golf Shorts For Women

Golf shorts for women come in a variety of styles and cuts. Some of these cuts and styles are more flattering to women than others. Most women’s golf shorts, however, fall into the mid-to-high seven to ten-inch inseam length range, which is about the width of a regular pair of women’s pants. Athletic and fashion shorts usually fall into the three to nine-inch inseam length range and Bermuda shorts typically float around ten inches across. Women’s golf shorts come in a variety of materials as well.


When shopping for golf shorts for women look for shorts that are made from materials like nylon, cotton, or spandex for stretch and comfort. The shorts should also be made from one of several blends of polyester and spandex to give flexibility and reduce elasticity. Nylon and cotton are good choices for golfing because they are flexible and will not stick to the golfer’s leg. However, nylon and spandex shorts wear out more easily and can tear after continuous use. Look for shorts made from polyester because it is sturdier and will not wear out as quickly.


Style is another important factor to consider when shopping for golf shorts for women. A skater, who plays multiple sports and frequently moves around while playing, will want shorts with an extended inseam to accommodate her gear and clothing. A shorter, closer-fitting style would be better for a woman who does not play many sports. However, many women prefer to wear longer golf shorts that reach down to the hole and stop just above the knee to allow for more flexibility and ease of movement. An athletic girlfriend would likely enjoy a short, cap-toed style that goes down to her ankle.


Finally, in order to find golf shorts for women that fit properly, it is important to know what sizes are available. Most retailers and manufacturers offer a size chart with a corresponding size range from small, medium, and large. Women should measure their hips, waist, and upper thighs before determining their size. Some brands offer sizing charts for women based on their height and the width of legs, which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Women should choose golf shorts with a seamless waistband for easy adjustability and comfort. The length of golf shorts is an important consideration because shorter lengths provide more coverage and can help prevent golf shots from rolling too far to the right or left. Women should choose golf shirts with a regular or crew neckline to create a standard silhouette. A short golf shirt with a round or v-neck is also a good choice because it will encourage proper body positioning, which will minimize the chance of slicing. Women who play games of golf with others who are shorter than they are will need to consider a style that features a short-waist band, especially if they are shorter than many of their friends.


For maximum comfort, purchase golf shorts with a comfortable, flexible leg opening. A woman’s body should have no concern for being unflattering when she is wearing shorts that do not have an inseam that is long enough. Women with smaller hips and thighs will find that shorts with a longer inseam will more easily accommodate their movements while they are swinging a golf club. If a woman’s thighs are not very wide or her hips are smaller than average, she may want to consider shorts with a regular or adjustable leg opening that will provide her with more mobility as she swings. When choosing golf shorts for women, the size of a woman’s shorts should depend on what she typically does on the course. Women with larger hips will typically wear longer shorts that reach down to their ankles; those with smaller hips will opt for shorts that are shorter to prevent issues with their lower legs.