Tips to Choosing the Best Golf Clothes

Are you in the market for some great golf clothes? Golf is more than just a game: it’s an entire way of life. Whether you’re playing at one of your local country clubs or on a scenic 18-hole course, golf can give you an excuse to get away and have fun. But for those of you who aren’t constantly playing, there are still ways for you to get the most out of your day on the course, whether it’s taking a class, working out in a fitness facility, or just enjoying a relaxing evening by the pool. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get in touch with your passion:

While tennis has pretty solid, tailored suits and dresses, golf fashion have been in need of an update from argyle-wearing polo shirts and billowy v-necks to sleek, refined slacks and even softer, more relaxed fabrics. That’s why you can find everything from the softest cardigans and sleepers you’ve ever seen to dressy polo shirts. If you’re looking for the latest in golf fashion, head to a popular sports apparel boutique. From polo shirts to golf shirts, you’ll be able to find just about anything you could imagine to make you look like the pro that you are.

Jogging clothes are also an important part of sporting good looks, so don’t pass over the idea of buying some stylish jogging clothes. While many people think of jogging clothes as being made just for weight loss, the truth is that they are a great choice for golf apparel as well. Jogging pants have come a long way in recent years from the old school tapered type of jogging pants that were made just for weight loss to the more modern tights and Lycra that are designed for energy efficiency. And just because you’re running doesn’t mean you should forget about comfort, especially if your joggers are made of cotton or a comfortable blend of cotton and spandex.

Another important factor that should be considered when choosing the best golf clothes is whether or not you want sheer clothing or gear. The traditional golf shirt and polo neck polos are great options to help keep your skin dry and your arms warm. But do you really want to be out there for hours, exposing your skin to those elements? You may be surprised to find out that sheer color and shirts are just as warm and dry as the more traditional options, and they look good shirt-style.

Tennis apparel is another important factor. Tennis clothes are meant to be loose and breathable so that you will feel as comfortable as possible while hitting the ball as hard as you possibly can. The most popular tennis apparel today is a polo shirt with shorts and a tennis bracelet. Look for a quality polo fabric that will withstand the wear and tear of a lot of tennis matches. Don’t get caught up in what looks best; fit is the number one concern when it comes to tennis clothes.

Other popular golf apparel options include shorts, T-shirts, and even a nice polo or a sports jacket. It’s easy to forget how much coverage one needs when shopping for golf clothes, but the truth is you need a little bit of coverage around your waist and arms if you’re going to be out there playing eighteen holes. Short shorts or pajama pants will be fine, but make sure you get one that’s a good fit and is long enough to cover your lower stomach. And don’t forget your athletic shoes!

For the truly stylish golfer, the best choice may be casual clothes with a golf twist. There are plenty of ways to look great on the course, but having the right attitude will always help too. Tennis shoes are still fashionable for golfers, even if they aren’t part of the official golf wardrobe. Look for stylish golfing shoes that can be teamed up with a nice cotton or linen shirt, light-colored or dark-colored jeans, and a stylish polo neckerchief to complete your look.

One pant option that always seems to be in style is the pullover sportswear pant. These popular golf clothes come in a wide variety of styles and colors to meet any wardrobe, and they are one of the most comfortable golfing apparels available. Made from high quality polyester, most sportswear pant suits feature an elasticized waist and a front zip pocket for convenience and warmth. The key to getting the best value for your money is to find a sportswear pant suit with a good fit and a pre-made pocket to secure your accessories like your cell phone and keys. A good-fitting sportswear pant is a must-have for the serious golfer.