Tips to Help You Swing Your Iron Golf Swing Better

Iron golf clubs are one of the most desired clubs by players at all levels. Iron golf clubs have a very steep learning curve, which makes them hard to master. For this reason many golfers who don’t have a lot of experience choose to use iron golf clubs in their golf game instead of using more expensive clubs. If you are going to be an iron player you have to be aware that there are differences between irons and woods and their appropriate use is very different. I will try to explain the main differences in a simple way so hopefully this article will help you learn a bit more about irons and hopefully you will decide to use them in your next game.

As I said before there are many differences between the irons and woods and their use is very different as well. Irons are designed to hit the ball harder with a faster speed. On the other hand woods are designed to hit the ball softly with a slower speed. This is what causes the difference in skills between the two. Let’s take a look at a few examples that will hopefully give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

– When you are hitting a shot with an iron it is very important to have the club face square at impact. You should have the clubface open at least one or two inches at contact. You need to hit the ball on the sweet spot or center of the clubface when hitting a downswing. The sweet spot is the middle of the clubface just above your eye level when you are swinging back. This will allow you to hit the ball on a plane that will stay consistent as you go through the ball.

– When you are hitting a shot with a wood you should keep your club face closed at impact. When you swing the wood your swing tends to travel around in a circle so your head will come up to hit the ball. Your head has a lot of natural leverage so it is easier to turn your body and your hands on the downswing. As you swing your arms should be spread as wide as possible to help you hit the ball on a straight trajectory.

– If you want to improve your golf swings you should focus on maintaining your speed throughout the swing. You should never try and accelerate through impact. You will not be able to generate the power that is needed to complete the downswing. Speed is maintained by smoothly swinging your arms and body at the right times. This will help you generate more power as you move through the ball.

– Try not to start your downswing with your arms. When you turn your body on the backswing, you will naturally use your arms to help you lift your club. Start your swing with your hips. This will ensure that your backswing and your downswing will be smooth and fluid. Many players try to use their arms to generate momentum in order to get the ball more distance off the tee. While this may work to some degree you should leave it out of your golf swings.

– The next tip is to keep your swings light. Golfers who struggle with their irons often hit fat shots because they try to pound the ball as hard as they can. Instead of trying to hit fat shots try to generate the energy required to get the ball airborne. Keep your club swinging smoothly and use your hips to absorb the impact of the swing. As you reach the top of your backswing, you can then use your arms to get the ball airborne.

– Many players make the mistake of trying to hit a fat shot while they are down on the ground. In order to accomplish success with your iron golf swing you must keep your club swinging along the swing plane. If you do this it will be much easier to create more lag in your golf shots. Lag will only allow you to generate more power during your shots which will help to get more distance off the tee.