Tony Finau – Tips For Your Tony Finau Swing

Tony Finau is a golf professional with decades of experience. In the early 80s he was a star with the San Diego State University Men’s Volleyball Team and has coached at numerous colleges. He has coached some of the best, like OU, Colorado, Cal State-Long Beach, Oral Rehab Center, Villanova and Seton Hall. Tony has an eBook you can download entitled “The Finau Swing” which is a great training manual. Here’s what we learned from his book:

The first tip we will discuss is keeping your head down through your backswing as you approach the ball. Most amateur golfers have a tendency to raise their club face at the last second. This raises your shoulder and opens your chest for the impact with the ball. Your body ends up tilting forward as you try to get the club head to stay square at impact. If you keep your head down through your backswing, you will be less open at the moment of impact and will create a much straighter shot.

Another tip that will help your downswing is to swing along the top of your swing. When your club face stays square at impact, the ball will travel straight up and down in a straight line. A good rule of thumb is to assume your ball will roll straight up. If it does not roll straight up, your target will be slightly open. Your goal is to maintain a straight path so you end up hitting a clean shot.

Another helpful tip is to swing your club in a counterclockwise direction as you come back from the top of your backswing. As your club leaves the ball, you should rotate it clockwise (right) in your follow through. Remember to always swing from the inside out by bringing your club back toward your body, not toward the left. In a counterclockwise rotation, your left arm will go down in your follow through and your hands will move down on a hinge motion in your follow through. This will create space between your club face and the ball, giving you more chance to strike the ball.

Finally, you can build power in your swing by swinging from the inside of your hip. Begin by turning your hips, then your left arm and then your right arm in a circular motion. Make sure your clubface stays square at impact and that your clubhead is pointing towards the sky. This will provide greater chances to hit the ball with more power. To do this, your hips will rotate clockwise and your hands will turn down on a hinge action in your follow through.

The next tip is to drive the ball with your hips while staying relaxed. It is imperative that you remain as relaxed as possible throughout your swing to allow more power to enter your swing. Stiff or tense muscles will only decrease your ability to generate maximum speed and force in your downswing and your follow through.

When you approach the top of your swing, you should rotate your hips a bit to the right. Finish your swing by turning your body, then your arms and your hands over in a sweep motion. Your club face should be directly in line with the target line at all times. When the club face is square to the target line, your left shoulder will have a natural tendency to turn towards the target to produce more power. This will help generate extra distance in your shots.

If these tips sound foreign to you, then it’s likely you haven’t seen the great results these tips can produce. Get the details about how to swing like a pro and start improving your game. The sooner you start improving, the faster you will become a consistent player and achieve your goals. Start today!