Top 10 Golf Courses in San Diego

The Balboa Golf Course at the Sepulveda Golf Resort facility in Encino, California has consistently been one of the top-rated golf courses in southern California. The 18-hole, par seventy “Balboa” golf course at the Sepulveda Golf Resort facility has consistently been one of the most popular courses in southern California. The golf course rating is currently 69.3 and it’s a par seventy.

The layout of the Balboa Golf Course at Sepulveda Golf Resort features three different greens with two unique characteristics. The first feature is that the club faces south east out of the fairway. The second feature is that each hole has a sand trap about three inches to the north and three inches to the south. Both features work well to improve the consistency of play on the Balboa course.

This green-side bunker feature makes the greens more difficult with all the short and distant greens. Due to the close proximity of the fairway and the bunkers, many times a golfer will be forced to hit the rough or water without too much success. During most times of the year, these short greens will make a golfer’s game suffer because they lack the distance they need to win. With both the bunkers and the rough, however, the Balboa course has enough distance for any golfer to win.

There are two par four holes on the Balboa course. The first, the left-hander will begin with a bunker shot to the right of the second pin placed on the course. The second hole starts with the golfer hitting a bunker shot into the left-hand sand trap. These two greens force players to use their short game. The short irons and drivers that are used have great success on the Balboa course because of the short greens and the downspouts.

The Balboa Golf Course is built with a lot of bunkers and trees to help the player get a closer shot at the greens. With these bunkers and trees, the chances of running out of room on the course during the back nine are lessened. This helps to keep the player’s speed up on the first and second holes because the player is forced to use their extra energy to get around the bunkers and trees on the course. This helps the player save energy and get their ball back in play sooner.

The course features three bunkers in the fairway, with each bunker having two bunkers in the front and one on the back. The player can choose to tee off from either the left or right side of the fairway, which helps them control the direction of the ball as it approaches the green. Each bunker on the course has a specific color and grass texture to it, which helps to enhance the feeling of the fairway when the green is being viewed. The greens are well manicured and kept very clean, which also adds to the sense of the course being natural.

After the ball lands on the green, the player can take a penalty stroke and immediately begin another shot without being penalized. This green has only eleven holes due to the short layout of the course. With only eleven holes, the player can take advantage of putting and the roll of the pin to begin the recovery after hitting bad shots. The greens have contoured to the shape of the course and look very natural.

Balboa Golf Course is one of the premier golf courses in the San Diego area. Balboa is a course that many players wish they could enjoy for a full golfing experience. With its short greens and tight curves, Balboa offers many challenging situations for the player. The course features bunkers and trees to help the player recover from bad shots and the greens offer unique courses each time you play. These factors, along with the beautiful surrounding environment help make Balboa a top choice among many golfing enthusiasts.