Top 100 Golf Clubs For 2021

Top 100 Golf Clubs For 2021

Golf Digest magazine has always been one of the most well-regarded golf related magazines in the country. The top 100 list was started in 1948 and has been voted on since that time. Each year the list is voted on by readers and various experts in the golf industry. So it goes without saying that this is the most important golf related article you will ever read.


One of the things I look for when choosing a new golf club is how accurate is it? Is it true that the cheaper the club is the better it will be for your game? Well if you ask me, and many other golfers on my emails list, they would say the opposite. If you spend just a little more money on a club that will do the job, then you will notice a big difference in your golf game. My personal choice is ny clubs, especially for the hills golf club description.


Now granted there are other factors to consider in choosing golf equipment, but my personal preference is a good set of irons. Irons can have their drawbacks as all clubs do, but the best way to overcome them is with a good grip. Having a good solid grip on your club will enable you to control it through impact instead of bending over trying to make the shot. I have tried many different brands of irons, and flatted a lot of them during my time playing golf, it’s been a long while now since I can get through the ball with any kind of club other than iron.


My favorite brand of golf club is the Robert Trent Jones made “American Tourister” irons. These irons come in either black oxide or silver polished. I like the silver finished ones because it makes the club look more expensive and classy, but these are more for the golf course use. These irons are also sold in a regular discount set which include the head, shaft, and sand wedge for about one hundred dollars retail.


There are also two irons from Robert Trent Jones that were included in this year’s Digest Top 100. The “American Tourister” is a Titleist designed club that has a titanium blade which gives the club more forgiveness when making contact with the green. Also this year there are a “nut and groove” design on the head of the club. This design allows the golfer to get a firm grip on the club without having to make repetitive palm adjustments throughout the swing.


The third club in this year’s list is the “American Tourister” by Scottsdale. This club is made by tourists, which is a very popular and well known company in the golfing industry. The “American Tourister” is a titanium steel head which makes this club lighter weight than most of the other clubs in the Top 100. The shaft is also a little longer than most drivers of this weight. Finally, the handle is constructed of high quality graphite which is also helps lighten the club head and shaft. This club sells for around sixty dollars retail and is available from most sporting goods retailers in the country.