Top 4 Golf Apparel Brand For Women

The history of women’s golf apparel begins at the turn of the 20th century. At that time, golf was a men’s sport. The clubs were designed with a man’s grip in mind. Women’s golf apparel has evolved significantly over the decades, to the point where women have their own sophisticated fashion line and high-fashion golf apparel business worth more than 46 billion dollars in sales.

It wasn’t long after the switch to a women’s golf apparel brand that the “Ladies of Leisure” really began to catch on. Companies like Liz Claiborne brought the bright colors and fun designs back into the public’s eye. In fact, in the mid-1990s, Liz Claiborne was actually sued by her golfing stables for not complying with Title VI of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The result of this lawsuit? A new motto was put into action: “green is good.”

For the longest time, golf was a sport for men. Then in 1967, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recognized the need for golf clothes for women. The first golf apparel to make the cut were the skorts. The skorts aren’t what they used to be today. But a skort is still one of the best known and most appreciated apparel choices for women golfers.

A skort can be worn with almost any type of golf shoes. Skorts are generally dark or neutral. They are also known for being fairly inexpensive, which is important for women on a budget. The top of the boot can be a solid color, but most skorts don’t have much in the way of a logo. These factors make the skort’s a very popular choice for golf apparel for women.

Another top ranked brand for women’s golf apparel is the gain. The galvin tops and bottoms are comfortable, made of high quality materials, and are stylish. They are also extremely durable, lasting for several years. The two main selling points of the gain are their stylish appearance and long durability.

The third brand on the list is the matte grey golf shirt. This top is probably the best-dressed up or dressed down golf shirt that you will see. The shirt comes in a variety of styles and colors. The company has a classic design that comes complete with a pocket and chain. The company has a traditional logo that represents the most recent quick history.

The fourth top brand for women’s golf apparel is chamilia. Chamilia shirts come in several top quality fabrics. The fabric that the chamilia shirts are made from has a very high thread count to allow for ease of care. Chamilia is the official golf apparels of the PGA Tour and all the professional tour players wear chamilia shirts. The main selling points of this brand are its comfort, stylish look, and trendy style.

These top four brands all offer the professional golfer the chance to express themselves while on the course. Each brand has a quick history that makes the wearer wants to continue to wear their attire. The top apparel brands have a great product line that fits every budget. There is an apparels range to fit every golfer’s style and taste. For the ultimate fashionable golfer, these brands can definitely provide what they are looking for.

These are just some of the four brands out there that make up the top women’s golf apparel brands for women. It is important for any female golfer to know about all the different golf fashion brands out there so that she can choose the right one to make her look good on the first tee. Not knowing about these brands, ladies golfers may feel a little bit limited with what they can choose from. Every woman wants to look good when they are on the course, especially on their first tee. When any lady golfer knows what the best brands for women are, they will feel confident on the course because they can choose the right apparel to show their femininity.

Foot Joy is one of the top brands for women’s golf apparel and Foot Joys apparel is very comfortable and stylish. This company has a quick history and a high-end fashion line to make any lady golfer feel good about themselves. Women love to wear anything that makes them look and feel good, especially when it comes to high-end golf brands such as Foot Joys.

Another great brand for women’s golf apparel is Ed Hardy. If you don’t like to take flops, you should really give this brand a try. The styles of these jeans are sexy and edgy, making them very appealing to many different types of women. Ed Hardy also has a line of shirts and tank tops, two very popular apparel items that many women prefer to wear with their golfing attire.