Top Five Best Golf Rangefinder Devices

Golf rangefinder is one of the most underrated golf tools. Wherever you look, golf products and gadgets claim you’ll be the best golfer in your neighborhood, lowest scores and you’ll be the envy of all your golf friends.

Even the best golf rangefinder around will not straighten your slice shot into the green, but then again it is an absolute must-have for almost any golfer wishing to land their next ball on target.

However, the truth is, not all golfers have the same swing, the same stance and the same grip.

The best way to find the best rangefinder for you is to take it to a golf range where you’ll be able to see how it works for yourself and see if it will really be effective for your golfing needs.

Look for a golf laser rangefinder that can boast of features like automatic adjustments for wind conditions and the ability to switch between standard and digital settings.

Also, the best ones come with a self-cleaning feature and interchangeable lenses. If you’ll be using your rangefinder on a daily basis, consider one that offers a warranty for two or three years.

Parrot Pro GPS/Tracker/Rifle rangefinder

One golf rangefinder with a more affordable price tag than others is the Parrot Pro GPS/Tracker/Rifle rangefinder with a stabilized optical lens.

Unlike other rangefinder brands, the Parrot Pro boasts of an optics system called Acuview technology that promises you the lowest level of distortion on parabolic lenses.

This is because Acuview technology uses patented wavefront algorithms to reduce the effect of aberrations caused by parabolic lenses.

The result is the lens has a much sharper image that is better suited to spherical target heads and therefore is more accurate than itsigmatic equivalent. However, the Parrot Pro isn’t just effective in getting you the best shot – this brand also boasts a low level of vignetting.

Garmin eTrex rangefinder

The next cheapest but perhaps most important model in the rangefinder stakes are the Garmin eTrex rangefinder.

While rangefinders using GPS technology have a long way to go when it comes to providing users with an accurate estimate of their golf range, the eTrex is still considered as one of the best rangefinder products in golf circles. What’s more, the product features a self-cleaning sensor and can be used with both cell phone batteries and AA batteries.

Ping Product Line

Another great rangefinder device is the Ping product line.

Long before the GPS devices came into vogue, the Ping was the favorite among serious golfers and novices alike. The device has a simple yet effective layout: the rangefinder top plate houses the electronic circuitry, whereas the two buttons located on the side to control the brightness of the display, the device’s operation and the slope adjusted distance.

To facilitate a thorough job of aiming the golfer’s ball, it is advisable that the slope be adjusted to a setting which is precise to within a few meters of the golfer’s current position.

Thermax 3v cr2 battery charger and light holder

One more golf rangefinder worth mentioning is the Thermax 3v cr2 battery charger and light holder.

This is the perfect addition to any golfer’s golf bag since the golfer will no longer need to bring extra golf batteries along with him every time he goes out for a round of golf. Additionally, the light holder doubles as a holder for the remote control and can be easily stored in a golf bag’s small space.

Parrot ARI Target Master

The device is designed with a simple, yet effective layout: the top plate houses the electronic circuitry; the two buttons control brightness as well as the target slope, and there’s also a remote control with which one can easily move the unit around. The parrot stands on an aluminum tripod, and when the screen is switched to the target, it automatically adjusts its position for the golfer.

There’s also a digital compass incorporated in the device for the best aiming accuracy. The Parrot ARI Target Master also features the Parrot Proptic Display, a self-cleaning target meter, and a handy carrying case. This is definitely one rangefinder that every golfer should own.

RangePro DigiMemo III

This is the rangefinder that most golfers are recommended to have because it offers true range accuracy with a great degree of durability.

With a built-in, automatic calibration system, it adjusts its distance measurement power based on the weight and type of club being used. This golf equipment can eliminate the need for the user to consistently measure his swing speeds with a conventional yardstick or a tape measure, thus increasing the player’s confidence in his shot making skills.