Top Golf Balls – Which is the Top Golf Ball for You?

Top Golf Balls is an integral part of any quality golf game. The Titleist Tour Soft Golf ball, by far, offers excellent performance and exceptional feel, and as a middle-sized eighteen-hole game, will work well for virtually any golfer. One of the sweetest things about the great sport of golf is you are only allowed to try on so many of the same clubs and hole sizes that the professionals you see on television play. When you are looking to improve your game, and one of the most important aspects of working to do so is to feel good about your golf game, it can often seem like a daunting task to sift through all the balls and decide which one you want to get.

Top Golf Balls – Which is the Top Golf Ball for You?


Titleist golf balls are some of the most popular balls used in the game. They offer high compression speeds and a medium-dimple rate which allow them to offer a smooth, firm grip when playing in dry weather. Although they do tend to lose their luster quickly, at least when compared to more specialized golf ball ratings, they have received accolades from such famous golf writers as Jim Hardy, Brian Murphy, and yours truly. One of their top features is a low compression design, which keeps balls from tipping too much when playing in tough conditions.


Cobra is another top golf ball. This brand offers a medium compression number but also offers other benefits which make them a top choice of many players. Cobra’s low compression distance numbers are especially helpful to low handicap players who need a long drive to develop a good putting distance. They offer superb stability and firmness which are extremely important to golfers who may not be as adept at striking the ball with the club as more experienced players. Other positives to this brand include superior distance and accuracy from drivers which is helpful to more advanced golfers or those headed to the more difficult golf courses.


Callaway golf balls (also known as Titleist) is perhaps the most well-known brand on the market today. With almost one billion dollars invested in research and marketing over the last thirty years, Titleist has become one of the biggest names in the golfing world. They offer a variety of irons, drivers, and putters to fit every level of play. The company has been successful because it has always included a great value to its customers. For example, you will find that Titleist offers a lower price tag for drivers that may seem crazy to some. However, these lower prices help to make golfers’ overall golfing experience more enjoyable and therefore more enjoyable for all involved – players, equipment manufacturers, and retailers alike.


The slazenger raw distance offers some of the top golf balls available to help the game of today stay fresh and interesting. With the use of various powders and oils on the inside and outside of each of the balls, these balls tend to stay cooler and therefore remain better suited for players who prefer a fluid swing. In addition, it is interesting to note that these are not actually “golf balls” per se; instead they are called “soft golf balls.” The difference between the two is that golf balls with a rubber outer cover have a cover made of a solid metal frame that is open at the bottom to allow air to flow through, while soft golf balls do not have any sort of protective covering on the bottom.


Cobra, which is part of Cobra Golf, Incorporated, has become a popular name in the world of golf-ball design and manufacture. This company designs and manufactures a wide range of different golf ball types, including irons, drivers, wedges, putters, and woods. The company also offers custom golf ball designs for many of its products, which allow the player to choose the club face and head color that work best for him or her. Cobra golf ball designs are among the best in the business, because their materials and workmanship are top-notch. They are built to be long-lasting and to resist extreme weather conditions. They are designed for maximum forgiveness of off swings and poor swings, which is why so many pros play with them.


One reason why many pros like to use this type of ball is because it offers the golfer a way to increase the club speed and distance. Increased club speed means more distance, which is what many pros strive for. However, there is a downside to using compression golf balls – the compressed nature of the material itself causes an increase in drag, causing less energy to be released from the club after impact. Because more energy is needed to make a shot, this means that the player will need to make more swings to get the same result as he/she would if the ball traveled further. As a result, the results of shots taken with high-compression golf balls will usually be shorter than shots taken with low compression.


Compression golf balls are also known for their flexibility. Many players report that they feel more comfortable with these balls, especially when it comes to their follow through. The change in direction of flight from the ball to the direction it is traveling can be affected by the amount of compression used in the material. The ball will feel looser at the beginning of a backswing, then tend to grip the turf better as it progresses through the follow through. Overall, they seem to produce more control of one’s golf ball along with producing greater distance, allowing players to hit farther than they ever could before.