Top Golf Swing Tips From Pros – Getting Distance on Your Shots

If you are a beginner to the world of golf, you are probably wondering what golf swing tips to use. You have no idea how difficult this can be. Golf is a highly complicated sport. There are literally thousands of little details that can go into perfecting the swing. Here are some simple tips that will help you start improving your game today.

Top Golf Swing Tips From Pros – Getting Distance on Your Shots


One of the first golf swing tips is to learn how to stand properly in your stance. Most people have their shoulders and feet too far apart, which makes it hard to reach over your right shoulder and actually hit the ball correctly. When you are setup in your stance, try to have your hands a little lower than your hips. This will allow you to have more leverage when you turn your shoulders and feet in the direction you want them to go.


Another of the best golf swing tips is to have your feet slightly closed together as you turn your shoulders and feet in your direction of motion. It may seem like a subtle point, but it will make all the difference in the world as far as making sure you have proper footing when you hit the ground. Many beginners have problems with this aspect of their swing and end up rolling their feet while they are in the air.


When you are finally in the air, you will have to turn your head to face your target and come back in a full rotation. This is where the most golf swing tips from pros really start to pay off. Most amateur players just plain don’t follow through with this. They try to time the golf ball and simply use momentum and their weight to turn in their backswing.


The best golf swing tips from pros will tell you that your weight has to be on the inside of your body the whole time. If you take your club back straight up, you will hit a fade or hook. If you try to use momentum alone, you can end up tipping over. Many pros also recommend that you don’t carry your club too far back in your backswing because you will end up losing too much distance on your shots. You want to stay close to the ground on your backswing and your downswing.


Overall, this is a very important part of hitting a golf ball correctly. Most beginners just think that they need to carry the club as far back in their backswing and then turn to the top of their swing. However, the best golfers have everything worked out before they even reach the top of their swing. These players know exactly when to strike the target with the club so that they end up impacting the ball with the right trajectory.