Top Reasons Why Golf Clubs Is Expensive

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. Almost every country across the world has its own version of an annual tournament. This means that a golfer from anywhere can compete with other people from around the world and have a chance of winning money. The only problem is that these tournaments are usually held in some of the most expensive hotels in the world. This leaves the golfer with a hefty bill to pay even after buying the best golf equipment available.

Another reason why golf clubs are expensive can be attributed to their premium design. With a premium golf club, you are sure to enjoy more years of fun on the golf course than with other cheaper brands. Of course, cheaper clubs may also be cheaper, but you are more likely to replace them more frequently. With a premium golf club, this is less likely to happen. Most golfers are lucky enough to play on their favorite clubs for 15 amazing years before they eventually break so making it harder for them to find a new set can be somewhat of a bane. This is another reason why golf clubs are so expensive.

But just because they are so expensive doesn’t mean that you cannot find discount golf clubs or sets. Discount golf clubs often have the same high quality as their more expensive counterparts, so you still get a great value for your money. You just need to know where to look. And luckily, it is pretty easy to find discount golf clubs, some of which can be purchased online. This is how discount golf clubs become so expensive:

Graphite golf clubs – These are the most inexpensive golf clubs you can purchase because graphite (a form of carbon) is the cheapest material you can buy. Because of this, these are the most popular as well. Unfortunately, they are also the most prone to damage and they are not nearly as durable as steel or metal golf clubs. So, even though they are less expensive, they are nowhere near as good as their pricier counterparts. As such many golfers use graphite clubs for casual games and this is fine; it all depends on your skill level.

Plastic golf clubs – These are the middle ground between graphite and steel. While they are not nearly as expensive as their graphite alternatives, they are not nearly as inexpensive either. This is where many people get into trouble when they try to play a game or practice on them and realize that they are not very durable. However, many new players find that plastic or cheaper golf clubs tend to feel better so there is not really any benefit to buying the more expensive brands. Many top company companies have decided to produce cheaper golf clubs in an effort to keep their products within the budget of many beginner players.

Marketing Costs – In today’s economic climate, companies are feeling the pinch and their marketing expenses are also skyrocketing. If you have ever watched the attempts of certain companies to advertise to the general public, you will see that the marketing costs alone can put a company in bankruptcy. Marketing is a huge part of the company and while it is important for companies to spend money on advertising, this money should not be taken lightly. As such, it is important to spend a fair amount of money on marketing each year so that your company does not go out of business due to excessive marketing costs.

The last major reason as to why golf clubs are so expensive is due to the fact that they are highly specialized and can only be manufactured by a few companies. The main companies that make them can charge anywhere from thousands of dollars to several hundred. This is due to all of the specialized work that goes into making only a handful of golf club designs each year. This is another reason why they are so expensive; it is simply impossible for just about anyone to afford them. Even if you were able to, you probably would not be able to afford them due to the rarity of them.

There are several reasons as to why golf clubs are so expensive, but none of them have anything to do with what they actually do. Instead, these reasons generally relate to how expensive it is to keep up with them. If you are a serious golfer, then you probably already know this all too well because you probably play as much as you can’t stand. The truth is that your handicaps are almost certainly based on how expensive it is to get new clubs. If you keep playing, then your score will improve over time, but that improvement will not come without an investment in golfing equipment of some sort.