Top Things to Look for in Nike Womens Golf Apparel

The new Nike womens golf apparel collection is the new wave of women’s golf apparel. Golfing has become a popular leisure sport for many women but not everyone can hit the ball as well as their male counterparts. Women’s golf apparel was traditionally designed to accentuate the female golfer’s assets and hide any less attractive physical attributes. This is not the case with the newer women’s golf apparel lines that offer a more tailored fit and more flattering styles than before. The industry for women’s golf apparel has increased tremendously over the last twenty years. Thanks to the popularity of the game, more manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to produce quality women’s golf apparel.

With the sport is becoming more popular among women, more manufacturers are trying to cash in on this trend by producing fashion styled golfing apparels for the fairer sex. This is not to say that golf is only for men anymore; just that it is no longer the preserve of the macho alpha male. Women’s golf apparel has come a long way from the past and is now a stylish and acceptable mode of dress for playing the game.

With more women are playing the game than ever, more companies are catering to their needs by producing clothing lines for women. Nike has done this first with its Air Max line, then with the Women’s Montage series. With the introduction of the women’s golf apparel lines, the quality of the product is obviously not compromised just for the sake of making it available to more women. It’s about making a quality product that women can feel good wearing.

While the older women’s golf apparel style still sees plenty of acceptance, the newer models are showing just how much fashion has improved since the last edition of the ladies golfing attire. Color choices have been broadened to include colors such as black, grey, purple and bright reds and yellows. These bold colors give the women’s golf outfit a very athletic look. For example, if you want to play in a tournament setting, you wouldn’t necessarily want to show up in pink golf shoes – you could go with black or dark brown.

Another factor that has played a large role in improving the way golf attire looks is the use of higher quality materials. The days of the poor quality golfing shorts or T-shirts are long gone. They are replaced by high quality nylon and Lycra materials that are washable. Women want to look as good on the course as they do in their living room – they want to feel as comfortable as they would on a golf course.

In addition to looking as good as possible on the course, Nike womens golf outfits also fit better and are more breathable than before. This is important if you play in warm conditions where moisture can be an issue. The fabric used in the making of these clothes is breathable and can help keep the body cool and dry as well as helping to eliminate perspiration which can make a woman feel uncomfortable.

There are many different styles of Nike Women’s Golf Apparel to choose from. The most popular are definitely the Golf Stripe Pants. These come in either grey or black and have a very casual feel. Black and grey look great together or against light-skinned white people. The Golf Pants with a zipper up the side is a great choice if you have things to bring to the course like a change of clothing or a bag.

If you aren’t quite ready to take a plunge into the world of golfing but still want to look your best, you should definitely try a pair of Nike Women’s Gazelle Boots. These cute boots come in various colors including pink, white and black. They are very comfortable and light weight so you don’t feel like you are wearing anything at all. These look great with short skirts and jeans. They also compliment the golf skirts and pants extremely well.