Tour Strike Subliminal Golf Bag Review

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a revolutionary training aid that helps train the body to release naturally and to increase power. The Tour Striker Smart Ball combines an inflatable beach ball with a FLanked beach ball attached to an ADJECTIVE lanyard. It’s the ultimate BODY connection tool for ANY golfers serious about improving their power and accuracy. You’ll find out how the Tour Striker Smart Ball helps YOU to improve your golf game.

The main idea behind the design of the Tour Striker Smart Ball is to have more energy in your hands when you swing. This in turn means you can use more muscles during your actual swing, increasing your overall swing power AND accuracy. The secret? When your body is relaxed, your muscles don’t have to do as much work to produce power during the swings. So by keeping your body stiff while you swing, you give more power to the swing and minimize energy usage (from your arms and legs) during your actual swing.

How does the inflatable training aid the tour striker smart ball help to solve these problems? When you swing with the inflatable golf swing training aid, your body is still flexible. The flexibility in your body results in more energy being stored in your forearms, and this means you have a better golf swing.

The training aid also has an ingenious mechanism that transfers onto the golf course, allowing it to work even when the air temperature is cold. The training aid uses its suction cups to stick to the golf course. These allow it to be stuck on any smooth surface – like the green. The inflatable tour striker smart ball provides the perfect surface to get the training aid onto, so you can practice wherever you want.

Not only does this golf training aid give golfers more power and accuracy, but it will also help golfers feel more in control of their movements. Imagine how it would feel if every movement of your body became involuntary. It is hard to achieve this state of full control during normal golf exercises, and this is exactly what happens when your body relaxes as it turns to relax. This results in your forearms not having to do as much work to produce power, and this makes a difference to your golf game.

Another benefit the tour striker smart ball offers is how it improves your swing speed. Most golfers complain about how their swings are not fast enough, especially when they need to cover distance in short games. The training aid, with its small suction cups, causes your swing speed to increase. Not only does this speed increase, but it also helps your downswing, because it forces you to use more energy when you downsize your shot. This energy needs to come from somewhere, and it is most often found in your arms.

Golfers should feel comfortable while using their tour striker smart ball training aid. This is because the unit is built in such a way that it cannot fall off your arm or become tangled up in your hair while you are swinging. You can easily carry the inflatable ball in a pocket or anywhere else you want to put it. If you are not comfortable with using the inflatable ball, or if you find it uncomfortable to carry, you can simply unpack it and use your standard golf lanyard.

In addition to these benefits, the inflatable tour striker smart ball has another unique feature. When you swing with this training aid, it does not cause any extra resistance on your arms or wrist, so it won’t feel like you are working your arms or wrists out all day. Instead of making your golf bag heavier, you will actually make your golf bag lighter. It will feel like a light weight as opposed to a heavy golf bag.