Two Great Options For Young Golfers

The Golf for Youth program was started in 2021 by Bill Poulos. The Golf for Youth program was created as an alternative to the traditional high handicap tournaments available for youth players. As you can imagine, the program is extremely popular and Bill has won the event the last three years in a row. The Golf for Youth program is a high school age play program that also features youth-friendly courses. The program is a collaboration between the Poulos family (owners of Bill’s Gas station and Golf Channel) and the city of Franklin, IN, the sponsor of the tournament.

Two Great Options For Young Golfers


The Golf for Youth tournament is a newer Unspecified format eighteen-hole senior golf tournament. It is located at Hillview Country Club (the same course the Poulos family played on as a youth) in the upscale town of Franklin, IN. The event will play off the first weekend in May, within the Franklin community. The Golf for Youth program accepts all major credit cards and allows player to register for either a Senior or a Junior player card. They also offer a “junior” discount for children who bring a child with them to the tournament.


The program offers a “Golf for All Ages” program, which means that not only are parents or guardians allowed to participate in the golf tournaments, kids (ages 6-12) are welcome to join. Also, kids (ages 6-12) will get a discount on the “Golf for All Ages” program. The “Golf for All Ages” program is not a “pay-to-play” golf course. That means there are no “tea nights”, no “gift certificates” or other requirements to register. Kids just show up, have fun, and enjoy playing a great game of golf.


The “Golf for All Ages” course offers eighteen holes with two courses that are accessible on the same two courses. On the lower course there are bunkers and sand traps, and on the upper course is an undulating green with bunkers and sand traps. The player has the option of choosing from one of the two types of greens: short grass or long grass. Players need to pay the greens fee separately. There are other fee expenses like a club insurance premium and a junior player’s annual membership fee.


The “Golf for All Ages” course offers youth players the option of playing eighteen holes or a shorter nine-hole course. This is an exceptional way to develop the golf skills of your youth. The youth player can choose whether he or she wants to play with friends or alone. You will see how quickly these youth players pick up the golf skills necessary to compete in tournaments. Youth players will love the fun and adventure of this nine-hole youth golf course.


The “Golf for All Ages” course is located within the clubhouse of the Chateau Marmont Resort in St. George Utah. The resort club offers youth programs and activities as well as adult programs. There is no charge for the use of the greens fee during the summer season. During the winter months the club offers discounts for members who have youth memberships.


This golf course was constructed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the best golfers of all time. It’s one of those places where you learn what you want to know about golf while you play. If you are having a youth group come out and play this course you’ll get some good ideas about what type of shots they want to make, what kinds of hazards they want to avoid, and how to keep clean throughout the round. The course is a great place for parents to teach their children about golf and to enjoy some quality family time at the same time. The greens fee is reasonable and this is one of the better youth courses that is available.


These two golf courses are just a couple of the many great golf options available for youth players. Choosing a course can be a difficult decision because there are so many options. The above two are some of the more popular options for a young person who might want to try golf. Whether it’s for leisure and recreation or as a way to improve their game the options for golf for youth players are almost limitless.