Ultimate Golf Party Ideas To Help You Create A Great Par-Tee!

Whether you like playing golf or watching golf, a golfing theme party is definitely one way to go. You can invite your family and friends to your golf themed party and see who has the best putting skills! Or, you can have a dunking booth or inflatable golf challenge. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to have a memorable time!

Don’t be afraid to put a little extra effort into your golf party! As a host, you’re responsible for bringing people together, and creating a fun atmosphere. And, your guests deserve nothing less! Here are some simple ideas that can make your next golf party unforgettable.


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For a party, one of the things that make it nice is the setting. you should take care of the view, the lighting, and the space for your guests. You should make everything as simple and elegant as you can. you should have the right atmosphere at all times.

The first thing you need to do is choose a theme for your party. This is what you need to do when you are decorating your cake, or asking your guests to wear a particular color on your party. Warm colors like orange, red, and yellow are a sure fire winner for a golf party decorations.

Check your local party supply store for golf themed items like flags, polo shirts, club pouches, tees, bags, pins, golf balls, golf gloves, and other accessories. This is another great stocking stuffer idea. Turn your serving table into a golf party center point to make it a decorated “green”. Start by covering the table with a green tablecloth. Make little golf flags and set them beside each serving dish of food.

The colorful baseball umbrella can be a huge focal point and it’s a great way to add some club cups or beer mugs for the guests to use. Just some simple colorful plates with names of the course will make the event look great. The back drop for the photos might just be your back yard with the beautiful golf course backdrop or maybe you could borrow the golf range.

Find inexpensive, small glasses or maybe bigger mason jars and fill with some orange or red ice or chilled drinks like beer, cocktails, and soft drinks. You can paint a sign that says welcome to the party. Also, have some small hole punch with golf score cards.


Whether you are a golfer or not, you can host an event that is fun, unique, and serves up delicious golf-themed foods. It’s not as difficult as you think and in no time you can have a big party with your friends and family. Following are some of the easiest golf-themed food ideas to serve your guests.

Make It a Sport

Golf can be a fun-filled game. Everyone can play it with the appropriate clubs. Instead of serving fish, why not serve some delicious grilled meats like pork chops, kebabs, or maybe even lamb. And don’t forget dessert! The ball serves as dessert!

Golf-themed Desserts

There are a lot of ways to combine golf and desserts. You can serve chocolate chip cookies with chocolate sauce, graham crackers with chocolate pudding, or a cupcake with vanilla ice cream. You can also use a golf course theme in your cake or ice cream with golf-themed toppings such as miniature golf, sand traps, or driving range. The possibilities are endless, so you should be sure to go through this list of golf-themed desserts to make your decision.



Dry Cleaning Race

This is a fun game with some excellent match-play situations for beginner and experienced players alike. Teams must hit balls into a pair of dryers while one player waits in front of each dryer. The players continue until they either have all the balls on one of the dryers or one of them touches the machine. The last person to touch the dryer wins. The key to playing this golf party game is pace and ball speed. Any slow player cannot get a dryer all the way on a pair of dryers. An experienced player has to hit the ball with the right speed to get them both dry.

Drop Golf Ball Golf

This is a game that is both fun and challenging. Players get paired up randomly, then each team hits five shots into the woods. At the end of the round, players take turns hitting balls into the woods in hopes of hitting the flagstick. Whoever has hit the most balls into the woods over the course of the round wins.

Slam Dunk Golf

Slam Dunk Golf is a lot of fun for groups of three or more players. One player starts the game, and as the other players are teeing off, the player at the teeing ground with the ball must attempt to throw it as far as possible. The player who throws the farthest wins the round. It’s a lot of fun for everyone involved. Just make sure to make the teeing ground as small as possible.

Pin The Ball

Pin the Ball is a fun new twist on a classic pin-the-green game. It involves getting your ball as close to the hole as possible, then taking turns passing the ball under the hole until it comes out. The winner is the person who ends up with the closest ball to the hole at the end of the round.


Two teams play this game. A player on each team hits their first shot into the hazard, then takes a stroke for each ball they hit until they either get all three balls in the hazard or take one of their opponent’s shots into the hazard. The team that takes the most shots into the hazard wins the match.