Under Armour Golf Polo Shirts

Under Armour Golf Polo Shirts

Under Armour Golf Clubs are made in the United States by Under Armour, a specialized sporting goods company based in Augusta Georgia. The company was started in 1978 and is one of the most prominent manufacturers of high performance apparel and accessories. The company’s primary focus has always been on developing products that give players maximum performance from every angle. As an industry leader in high-performance sports apparel and equipment, Under Armour proudly designs and manufactures its own line of golf shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, and gloves. Each of these items is designed to be superior in every way, providing the best possible game-day protection.


For years Under Armour golf shirts and shorts were among the best-selling products in the industry, but recently the company has improved its product lineup by adding some innovative features that have helped boost sales even further. For example, it introduced “thermoplastic” fabric technology that allows players to feel a little more comfortable during their round of golf. Also available is a unique line of golf polos called Dri-FIT, which is designed to help heat dissipate quickly, reducing the amount of perspiration on the player’s body. Another innovation is the “Golf Heat Shirts,” which combines the best of traditional golf shirt materials with modern technology for a premium golfing experience. These custom golf polo shirts use Dri-FIT technology that helps keep players warm without being sticky or uncomfortable.


Under Armour also offers its Active Fit technology, which improves fit and speed without decreasing comfort. Active Fit technology uses garment technology that responds to the individual body’s movements, providing a smoother and more comfortable fit. The result is an active and fit body that produces less stress and more power during a golf round. With this new fabric technology, players are able to move freely on the course, and their results are noticeable-from the extra distance they shoot, to the more confidence they have when walking off the tee.


For golfers who want to stand out on the course, Under Armour’s polo shirts offer unmatched style, quality, and fit. Whether you’re looking for a basic t-shirt, an embroidered polo shirt, or a sophisticated logo polo shirt, Under Armour has you covered. The company boasts over forty styles of shirts, all of which feature high-performance, durable, and comfortable material quality like our Body Guarding fabric. Their shirts are made using their patented 4-way stretch fabric, which allows the fabric to expand and contract, mimicking the body’s natural movement. This allows the shirt to adapt to your changing body structure, resulting in enhanced comfort and a more realistic game.


A highly durable fabric blend, Body Guarding fabric is designed to resist rip and tear. It has a matte finish and can be hand-washed without losing its durability or gloss. They are available in different colour combinations, including black, grey, navy, white, and pink. Made using polyester, these polo shirts are both highly flexible and highly durable.


Our Body Guarding fabric also features a revolutionary moisture management system, which means that moisture can’t escape through the fabric, so sweat won’t stick to it and get stuck on your clothes. Polyester is a porous fabric, but Body Guarding fabric resists compression, meaning there’s no wetness, dampness or sweating to add to your golfing experience. Our polo shirts feature a specially designed front panel, which features vents to let the air circulate around your neck and head. This is extremely comfortable, allowing you to keep your head and neck cool during hot weather.


Finally, our Body Guarding golf shirt is also featured with our innovative anti-odor technology. The anti-odor technology ensures that your shirt remains comfortable, even when it’s being worn every day, in virtually all situations. In addition, the anti-odor technology helps to ensure that your body smells good, keeping your golf shirt from attracting the wrong type of odor-causing microbes. With a comfortable, casual look, our Body Guarding polo shirts feature a stylish collar and are available in several different sizes, fit and colors.


Under Armour has truly revolutionized the polo apparel industry, with its lightweight, highly breathable, and highly durable material quality. Its golf shirts are no exception, with their custom fit and stretchy fabric materials, and easy care and cleaning. If you want a polo shirt that will keep you cool and dry, that doesn’t absorb moisture, feel stiff or scratchy, then Under Armour is the brand for you. For an extremely comfortable and affordable option in golf apparel, you simply have to try Under Armour Golf shirts. With its excellent material quality, amazing styling and incredible performance, you simply have to have one.