Upcoming Golf GTI Updates

The Volkswagen Golf R MK8 hasn’t been out of the U.S. since the last 2021 model year, which means it’s had plenty of time to grow and improve. And it has! New body styling, new interiors, a host of upgrades and features, and more. The long-awaited seventh model in Volkswagen’s new midsize sedan class is here and ready to hit the streets in March. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from this powerful family sedan. Look for more news on Volkswagen Golf R MK8 soon.

Volkswagen Golf R MK8 is a full-sized sedan, the latest model in Volkswagen’s lineup of family sedans. It features an array of standard features such as airbags, standard automatic transmissions, and dual zone automatic climate control with a touch of a button. The next installment to Volkswagen’s long-term hatchback segment features an all-new, eight-seat configuration and a completely redesigned body style that sets it apart from its predecessors. A new fully customizable instrument panel and a new signature black exterior provide a stronger identity, while a new generation of Volkswagen Golf R MK8 sedans continues to benefit from the company’s renewed commitment to quality and performance.

Up until now, the only Volkswagen Golf R MK8 that was available in the United States was the Golf GTI, which was a minor version of the regular Golf R. But Volkswagen has finally decided to make this long-anticipated replacement a reality and set it off for a full launch later in the year. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Golf R and GTI were sold as separate models in several markets. Volkswagen’s decision to develop the new Golf R for North America marked a significant turning point for the company’s American division. The new hatch will be coming off the production line in late-2021.

With that said, we know one thing: the Golf R wagon are not the same car. That’s what our sources have told us over the years, and it’s true. The new version is different in many ways than the previous version, including shape, size, and more. So let’s start with the similarities and differences between the two models. Here are some things we expect to see in Volkswagen’s Golf R:

Both versions will get the long awaited new front headlamp design. A rumor we heard back in January mentioned an impending introduction of a new high-performance light-weight headlight, which should help make the Golf R look better under the sun. As it turns out, the Golf R is getting this update first. Expect next year’s model to receive the same update, and possibly even more. According to our sources, however, the Golf R DK8 is the only model expected to receive this upgrade.

Both vehicles will also receive updates to their powertrain configurations. According to our sources, the new system on the Golf R includes a new dual-voltage AC ignition, stronger battery charging, revised exhaust, as well as a host of other changes. For those who want to really customize their Golf R, they can expect to see a host of new options arrive in the near future. Our sources say that the new system should be ready around the time when Volkswagen releases its second new hatch, the Volkswagen I8.

In other news, our sources tell us that we shouldn’t get our hopes up for a new all-wheel-drive system for the Golf R. According to our sources, there are no plans to introduce such a system for the Golf R, at least not before the 2021 golf r hatchback. We’ve also heard that there may be additional tweaks to the all-wheel drive system on the Golf R, but our sources have been tight-lipped as to any details.

As for performance numbers, our sources are saying that the Golf R will be getting something close to stock performance, with a mild increase in horsepower, torque, and brake torque. The Golf R will also get a slight increase in passenger volume, although this hasn’t been confirmed. Our sources also say that there will be significant updates to the transmission, which will allow it to be more responsive, although it is unclear as to whether or not it will be getting a new transmission tunnel. All in all, our sources are saying that the new Golf R will be receiving a minor update before its release, and will be following closely behind the BMW i8. Stay tuned to our weekly updates for more news on the golf gti.