Use a Golf Weight Training Device to Help You Develop a Proper Swing

Before moving on to the next golf weight training program here is some important information regarding your goals, body type and a few exercises that you can do to begin. Please do not try any new exercise program without first consulting a medical health care provider. The exercises are not recommended for anyone with orthopedic problems, heart or circulatory problems, diabetes or hypertension.

This is the main focus phase of your golf weight training program. This two week exercise program focuses on building the muscles of the shoulders, chest and back. After this strength training program you will then progress to the next phase. This focuses on the development of more endurance for driving, chipping and pitching. You will also add more strength for those difficult shots like the chip, putt, flop and fairway fade. It is at this point that you will switch to the speed training phase of the golf weight training program.

This stage works on developing power for your golf swings by working on your leg strength. The weights are usually held in a hang from a cable collar attached to a sturdy leather strap. These weights are typically not supervised by a physical therapist and the only real help required is to move them around freely in order to work all the muscles in the legs. For maximum effect it is advisable to use a medicine ball as a substitute for a golf club. The next exercise in this phase focuses on your core strength.

There are many different exercises that can be performed during the pre-season to help you prepare and boost your golf game. Most of these exercises focus on strengthening your back and abdominal muscles as well as improving your golf specific flexibility and range of motion. Most of these exercises are done one to two weeks before the start of the season. Some of these exercises will be repeated throughout the season as the goal is to maintain or improve these same strengths at all times.

One of the most common golf weight training exercises is the stability ball workout. The stability ball comes in handy because of its ability to provide a variety of exercises and challenge different muscles at the same time. To do a stability ball workout simply stand on the ball, balancing on the balls of your feet. Next place your hands into a push up position while holding onto the ends of the stable ball with both hands. You will then raise both your arms and your shoulders as high as possible while rotating your body.

Another exercise is the push up exercise. To do a push up exercise simply lay on your back with your knees bent and your upper body held against the ground. Tuck your chin into the chest and lean forward to lift your upper body off the floor. Repeat the exercise to fatigue your upper body muscles and strengthen the muscles in the chest and back.

There are several different ways to perform bench presses. The first is what is commonly referred to as the flat bench press where you just rest on a flat bench and the other side is attached to a free weight. To do a wide grip bench press simply place your dominant hand behind your neck and grip the club with a wide grip. To do a narrow grip bench press position your dominant hand behind your neck and grip the club with a narrow grip.

Golf training devices such as the Ping and the Pitching Pocket has provided new ways for players to achieve a proper swing and keep their body properly aligned while performing their golf routine. These training devices allow players to develop their core strength by using the built in weight stack. The weight stack acts like a mini stable base for the player to use when attempting a proper swing. This allows for a golfer to practice his or her swing without having to place any weight on the backside of their body. They can also use the weight stack when they are learning how to grip the club. Many professional golfers have used this unique training device as a means to stay fit and healthy during their career.