Vintage Golf Clubs – How To Select The Right One

Vintage golf clubs are interesting niche item collectors can pursue. While most people would classify a set of vintage clubs as vintage if it were actually old enough to play, many collectors are under the impression that any older club is vintage. In fact, a vintage set of golf clubs can be more valuable than some of the more common golf sets (older than ten years) today. Of course, the value of vintage golf clubs greatly depends on demand and supply, much like any other vintage items. There’s no real difference in the value of old vintage golf clubs today as there was ten years ago, except for the increased demand.

Vintage Golf Clubs – How To Select The Right One


So what makes a vintage golf clubs set so valuable? Most commonly, a vintage golf club set has to have been playable at one time, and it must still be playable. A club that was once playable but is now unplayable will depreciate in value significantly more rapidly than a club that was never played. Also, classic clubs usually (historically speaking) have been owned by a higher-end customer than lower-end customers, which means the club may have been slightly altered at some point and needs restoration work. A restored set of classic clubs is more desired than a set of clubs in playable condition, because it shows that the buyer still has a special attachment to the club.


The other thing that increases the value of vintage clubs is the rarity of the set. Rare sets of golf equipment are especially coveted by collectors. A rare, undiscovered set of vintage golf clubs is much more valuable than a similar set with a similar number of players. This is because the rarity of a vintage golf clubs is directly related to the number of players who have owned the set and the frequency with which the player(s) passed the set onto another player.


Many vintage golf clubs come with an interesting history attached to them. Some clubs were owned by players with famous names such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, and some were owned by professional golfers such as Richard Nixon. Vintage golf clubs are very collectible because they are typically associated with a famous player or a famous period in golf history. Wood clubs are especially popular because many players prefer to use wood shafts for their game.


There are some things to consider when buying vintage golf clubs. The shaft is probably the most important part of a set, so you should select the right shaft. Different shafts, such as graphite and steel, provide different levels of strength and will last longer than a wooden shaft. You should also check out the club fitting services offered by the club manufacturer to ensure that you choose the correct club fitting for your game.


The grip is an important part of vintage golf clubs as well, so you’ll need to do some research to find the right one. A lot of cheaper brands don’t offer grips made from quality materials, so you may have to settle for a plastic grip if you’re on a budget. Wooden shafts tend to be heavier, so you’ll need a stiffer grip in order to get the best feel for your game. Be sure to check the shafts’ length to make sure you match it with the correct club for your height.