Ways to Help Lower Back Pain After Golf – Two Methods You Can Try Today

If you are like most people who play golf, chances are you will experience occasional lower back pain. The pain usually appears to originate in one of the two hip flexors, or sometimes both. Sometimes, it radiates down the back of the leg, and other times it appears to come from the groin area. Regardless of where the pain is coming from, if it keeps happening over, then it is time to see your doctor.

A simple way to help treat your lower back pain and golf lower back pain is to take a look at your lifestyle. Are you taking drugs frequently? Are you working improperly? If so, a chiropractor may help you. In fact, many chiropractors are now offering a form of spinal decompression to help patients suffering from a variety of ailments including golf back pain.

Many people have turned to alternative medicine in the hopes that it will help them treat their ailments. One popular method is using a massage chair. While it may sound odd, a massage chair can actually help to treat a variety of ailments, including golf lower back pain and sciatica. Here are a few ways that a massage chair can help you treat and manage your various ailments.

By providing your body with consistent traction, your back muscles will become stronger. This will allow you to strengthen your legs, hips, and core to improve your golf game overall. While some people may bemoan the idea of strengthening their legs and abs to improve golf, this may help you to eliminate the lower back pain you experience.

The first of the golf lower back exercises we are going to address involves what is known as the side stretch. The side stretch will require that you stand in a doorway with one foot forward. Lean forward and place your opposite hand on your thigh. Then in a slow and deep stretch, pull your hamstring up toward your knee, keeping your thigh tight. Do this slowly and completely for several repetitions. Each time you do the exercise, you should feel a good stretch at the hamstring area.

The second of the golf exercise we are going to talk about involves what is known as the seated forward curl stretch. To do this, take your golf club and lie down with your knees bent. Place the shaft parallel to the ground, and then bring it to an arch by bending your knees and lifting your pelvic upwards. Repeat this slowly and fully, and you may find that it helps to relax your aching muscles.

The last of the golf back pain exercises we are going to talk about involves what is known as the side twist. To do this, take your golf club and lie down with your buttocks firmly planted apart. Then, bring the shaft towards your hips and twist as far as you can, staying with it for three seconds. Do this slowly and thoroughly, and you may find that it helps to reduce some of the pain that you feel when you swing your golf club.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to help lower back pain after golf, if you know where to look. One of the best ways to find relief is to find a good massage chair. These cushions work on many of the same principles as the exercises that we have discussed here. They not only give you immediate relief, but they can actually prevent further injuries from occurring. When it comes to golf and back pain, a massage chair can be your best friend.