Wedding Cake Ideas For Grooms

Wedding Cake Ideas For Grooms

A groom’s golf cake is a special way for the groom to formally accept his new role as a life long bachelor. It is important that the groom’s cake is perfect. For this purpose many wedding planners create a special cake that is uniquely groomsy. This special cake has a rich flavor and is accented with the names of the groom and groomsmen on it. This type of wedding cake can be found at many specialty wedding stores.


There are many other types of wedding cake ideas that you may want to consider. One idea is to find a special wedding cake that is made especially for the groom and groomsmen. You may choose to have a pocket cake made just for the groom and his best buddy. Another idea is to have a miniature golf cake created just for the groomsmen. These mini cakes can be decorated in whatever look that will suit your wedding theme.


When choosing the style of your grooms golf cake, you will need to consider the shape of your groom’s cake. The traditional round wedding cake will not work for grooms that prefer a square or triangle shaped cake. When you are selecting a shape for the groom’s cake, you should take into account what the bride will like as well. For example, if the bride has a smaller center diamond then you may want to use a heart shape to decorate the cake. Another wedding cake idea that works well for grooms is to use a band or tag around the cake to dress it up a bit.


Wedding cake ideas include other elements that you can add to the cake to make it more interesting and fun. For example, one very creative element that you may wish to consider using on your groom’s cake is a miniature clubhouse. This can be accomplished by using mini-mall buildings that are designed to look like a small golf course. Miniature clubhouse cakes can be constructed easily using a full sized cake pan and small round cupcake pans. Once you have purchased your cake pans, you can paint them any color that you wish to match the groom’s wedding. You can also add any type of topping that you wish to enhance the look of the cake such as blueberries, cream, or chocolate.


In addition to using miniature cakes for grooms wedding cake ideas, you can also opt for wedding cake ideas that are in between a wedding cake and a groom’s cake. One popular option that many brides and grooms are choosing is to create a groom’s cake that is just a slice larger than the cake that the bride will be serving. These types of cakes are often referred to as “the groom’s cake” due to the groom. You can place these smallish cakes on top of your wedding cake so that your guests can see the groom’s cake that he will be cutting when they bring their gifts.


Another option that you may want to consider is to use a combination of the miniature groom’s cake and the full sized one. You can use a smaller cake pan for the groom’s cake and cover it with a layer of the full size cake that your groom’s cake will sit on. This option will provide your guests with an idea as to what the cake is as well as providing you with a way to hide the groom’s name at the bottom of the cake. Another option you may want to consider is creating a layered groom’s cake with both the groom and bride’s cake on top of the wedding cake. This option provides the groom with the appearance of a much larger cake and also hides the bride’s name at the bottom of the cake.