Weight Training Exercise at Home For Golfers

It seems that more golfers are discovering the benefits of doing golf exercises at home. The old model of getting our core muscles strong and supple is getting harder to do with the sheer number of golf exercises we have to do on a regular basis.

When you think about it, our core is a very important part of our body to maintain good posture while we are at our feet. It helps to keep us stable when we are pushing off with our legs and also stabilizes our back and abdominal muscles. It would make sense that we want to work all parts of our body and not just our muscles, but that is exactly what these exercises do.

Weight Training Exercise at Home For Golfers

One of the best strengthening exercises that golfers can do is the split squat.

This exercise is done by simply squatting down like you would in a game of basketball or football. It is performed by pushing your own knees out and your backside up toward your buttocks. This forces your abs to contract and your quadriceps on the front of your thighs will contract, stabilizing your body and allowing you to lift your butt off the ground.

Now, you must focus on contracting your gluteal muscles. You will want to focus on contracting your gluteal muscles but you want to do them in opposite directions.

That is to say, if you are looking to strengthen your quads you should raise your buttocks in the air and contract your hamstrings, while if you want to strengthen your abs you should contract your gluteal muscles but pull your waist back toward your spine.

The reasoning behind this is that you are trying to strengthen both the inner and outer muscles that are found on your hips and buttocks. By doing this you are creating a greater intensity of effort and tension that your body has to put before it can fully react to the movements.

Another way to get into better shape is to stretch your lower back and hamstrings.

To do this, simply lay on your back with your hands underneath your buttocks. You will then flex and extend your knees to either side, holding that position for about one minute. After you have done this stretch, simply move your hands to one side and do the other side.

One last stretching exercise that we are going to discuss involves rotating your torso.

To perform this, you will want to lie on the ground with your hands laid flat against the floor. Next, bend over so that your head is slightly higher than your chest. Instead of bending your torso away from the ground, simply rotate it toward it. By doing this you are encouraging blood flow to all areas of your body which will help create overall better health.

After you have finished your initial set of golf exercises at home, you will want to do them in rapid succession. This will allow your body to build more muscle and quickly reach new levels of fitness. Keep in mind that you should alternate these types of workouts between each different session.

When you complete one of these exercises at home, the best thing to do is to immediately begin another set. Remember that it is a good idea to start off with low reps or very low reps.

You want to gradually build your way up to more advanced exercises where you can push your arms into the “pushup position.”

There are countless ways to go about performing a pushup position. You may want to hold a medicine ball or a towel behind your head so that you can focus on keeping your body in the pushup position instead of trying to keep your head up.

For some, the most common exercise for home usage is the pushup. For others, the most common golf exercises at home are pullups and lat pulldowns. Both of these exercises are excellent for building the strength of your upper body and core muscles.

Pullups will help you improve your core strength, which is important if you intend to be a stronger golfer in the future. Lat pulldowns are great for improving your lat muscle which will allow you to swing the golf club more efficiently. These are just two of the many weight training exercise options available to you at home.