What Golf Driver to Use – Looking at Choosing the Right Clubs

What Golf Driver to Use – Looking at Choosing the Right Clubs

What golf driver to use? That is a question asked by many beginner golfers, and their answer may not be what you expect. It is best to take things one at a time and look at your swing, your stance, your grip, and other factors that affect your golf game before you decide what golf driver to use. Once you know the basics, it will be easier for you to determine what you really need in a driver. Here are the three most important factors that will affect your decision.


First, your club face should be square to the target. This is the key to a solid swing. If you have an off-square angle, your ball will go up in the air, and it will not travel the distance that you want it to. To test this, simply tee the ball up so that your club face is slightly open. Then, watch where the ball goes on the upswing. If it is going too high or too low in relation to where your club face is, then your club face is off square and you need to square it.


Second, your driver should be comfortable for you to use. This means that you should not feel any tension in your wrists, your arms, or your shoulders. This will help you stay properly balanced, and your takeaway will be better since you will not be bending over to get the club face square.


Third, the club head should not be so long that it deflects your ball. The larger the club head, the further the ball will travel. This is not good for beginners or those who are trying to add distance to their shots. Your driver should be about one or two inches longer than your hands, but it should not be much longer than your shoulders.


Fourth, you want to use a club with a large center of gravity. This will help you keep your balance much better throughout your swing. It will also help you square your club face at impact, as well as control your shot. A driver that allows you to use your arms for support, without using your upper body for balance, is best.


Fifth, you want to use a driver that is built for speed. You do not want a driver that is built for accuracy and distance. You will lose control in the long run, and your accuracy will suffer as well. You need to be able to generate power and transfer that power quickly from your hips, back arm, and shoulder into the golf ball. This helps you generate speed, and this leads to power.


Sixth, you need to have good rhythm when swinging. You can improve your swing with the right technique, but without rhythm, you will never swing with efficiency. Make sure that your body and arms move in a smooth flowing motion. This allows your club to hit the ball at the most optimum speed.


These are the six main tips you should use to find the perfect golf driver. Remember, you can not get perfection out of a driver. You still need to do a proper short game and long game practice. However, these golf tips should help you get a little better during the game. With that being said, practice every chance you get.


The first thing you should do is review the club you currently own. You will need to do this to figure out what length, flex, and head weight you have. This should also include how often you use this club. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to go out and buy one. You can find drivers that have a stiff face at the tip. This will help you keep a tighter grip on the club.


Next, you should review the club head you currently use. There are plenty of options available, so you should have no trouble finding one to suit your needs. For instance, there is an offset square shaped head that will allow you to strike the ball from an angle that is optimal. A full titanium shaft will allow you to use more energy in the swing. Finally, a nine or ten-degree wedge will allow you to hit the ball further.


The last thing you should look at is what kind of clubs are best suited for what you need. Some people prefer drivers with a longer iron head and a shorter putter. Others may like a putter with a longer face and a head that are closer to the ground. No matter what kind of driver you are looking for, you should look at all the options before you purchase anything.