What Not to Say in a Golf Course Interview

The best private golf courses on the planet are almost impossible to get access to. The best courses are usually reserved for the rich and famous, or belong to clubs that are exclusive. Oakmont Golf Course in North Palm Beach, Florida is one of those. You probably won’t, though, have too much luck trying to enter the front door without a member’s ID card. Don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as you might think.

There are actually two different kinds of people who might want to play oakmont golf course. The first group is made up of people who live in the Palm Beach Gardens area and want to get out into the elements and play. They go on golfing trips during the summer, and if they don’t make it down to the course on time, they miss out. They like to golf, but they can’t make it down to the real course because of traffic. It’s a shame really because there are some great golf courses right along the water in Palm Beach Gardens.

The second set of people are from Florida, or from anywhere else for that matter, and they come to the course just for the ambiance. If you live in Miami, you can take a quick ride down to the Gold Coast. If you live elsewhere, you might need to use your airfare to get out here. Once you get there, you can hit up some Temecula airport hotels for a place to stay. If you are lucky enough to have an available space, you can even rent a hotel room for the night and play a round or two. Even if you don’t have a room, you can drive up and ask for a hotel room to be set up for a group planning on taking a trip out to the area that weekend.

Let’s bring things back to reality though. If you want to play a round or two at Oakmont Golf Course, you will probably need to use words like “reserve” and “visit” in your sentences. If you do not have these words in your vocabulary, it might be a good idea to learn them. The next few sentences are going to help you use words that will get your golfing experience over with quickly and easily.

“I know I can get to the driving range in about seven hours, but seven hours from my home is another story. ” Just say the following sentence and think about what you are getting out of the trip. If it is an activity you want to do for enjoyment, then go ahead. If it is a trip you want to make into an adventure, then maybe it is not the best idea. Just use words like “I” and “want” when you are planning a trip like this.

“Well, I am just going to play a few rounds here and then head over to the Pennsylvania golf association to play some more.” Do not even try to think of what you would say if you were visiting this golf course for the first time. You will definitely need to use words such as “round,” “playing” or “again.” Even if you are not sure if you are going to like the course anymore, you can always say that you hope you will. Even if there are people playing on the hole, you can still say that you will see others around you later on.

“I am going to head over to the country club in about seven hours to play some more. Do not tell me what I should expect, though. I am sure that I can handle any situation that comes up.” This sentence does not make sense unless you are actually going to the country club and you will spend the next seven hours practicing your golf swing for the week.

“I will see everyone later on down at the country club. When we are done playing here, I am going to head over to the Pennysaver and then visit the Nittany Lions to play a game. I hope that we can all stick together here and work hard for all of our college tournaments.” Although the Nittany Lions are one of the most popular teams in the Big Ten, this sentence makes no sense unless you are heading to the university in six hours or less.