Which Golf Clubs Do I Need?

So you have just decided that you want to start learning how to play golf, well that golf clubs do I need? If you are just starting out, it may seem confusing at first, with all the brands and models out there. However, by narrowing down your selection it will make your life a lot easier as not to have to buy a load of golf clubs to get up and running. I will outline what you should look for when making your selections.

The first thing you should consider is if you want an iron or wood. This is mainly down to personal preference. Some like the sound of an iron whilst others love the feel of good wood. Another consideration is the material the club is made from. As you may know some clubs are lighter than others.

Next consider the size of the club. If you are just beginning out, I would recommend you get a small bag as this will allow you to keep your clubs in the trunk. If you are a beginner then you may want to start off with a full set of golf clubs so that you can practice as you would in your back yard. When you get more experienced then you can consider moving your clubs from the trunk to your bag.

Now you know what type of club you need it’s time to consider which golf clubs do I need? Again this will be down to personal preference. Many people prefer to use all club types and this is great. However there are those that find that using only a couple of the clubs makes their swing much easier and quicker.

Its very important that you select the right club for your style of play. For example, a driver should be suitable for those that want to take a few tricky shots when on the closer approach. If you are taking the approach with your driver, you want it to be firm and low so it can make the shot. This type of shot would not be comfortable to most players. However if you use a hybrid driver with a fairway wood or par four club you will find that it will be more forgiving.

You also need to consider how hard you want the club to hit. There are many drivers that are made to hit the ball extremely hard. You will find that some irons will be suitable for this. However, you will quickly learn that you spend too much money on these clubs and they do not help your game. So the best thing to do is get a good iron that will suit your style of play and does not cost too much money.

You may have some problems finding a club that suits you. If this is the case then you can get special clubs made for your height and your strength. This is another advantage of doing your research online. There are many sites that offer special ordered clubs. This means that if you are short or strong you can order the club to suit your needs. However when you are ordering them you should consider the materials that they are made from.

If you know what you need from the clubs you choose then you can find the best driver for your game. Remember that you will not get any results from using low quality clubs. Once you have found a club that works for your needs, you will then need to spend time learning how to use the club. If you spend enough time you can become an excellent golfer with just a few lessons.