Which is Better – A Single Plane Golf Swing Or a Two Plane Golf Swing?

Many new golfers are unaware that there is a difference in the “traditional” single plane golf swing and the “singles” swing. With the single plane golf swing, you can much easier manage to smoothly synchronize the motions of your arms, hands, shoulders, hips, and knees with each other. You will not have to practice any special movements for this swing, like rotating your arms at any angles, striking the ball with an overly high or low swing angle, or swinging the club too violently on the takeaway plane.

The single plane golf swing is the most popular swing technique used by professional golfers. It has helped to develop one of the most famous careers in golf history – Tiger Woods. Indeed, many of the legendary golfers that developed their game learned to use the single plane golf swing as their main method of developing and improving their game. Some of these legendary golfers include Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and Robert von Hagge.

To help you learn how your golf swing is on plane correctly, start by identifying the target line. The target line is the imaginary line from your left shoulder to your right knee. If you are going to swing the club to the right, your path along the target line will be on the right plane.

One way to identify how your single plane swing is on plane correctly is to watch some of the greatest golfers in the game. Tiger Woods is perhaps the best example here because Woods not only plays great golf, he plays it with such precision that even his balls seem to travel on a plane. Watching Woods, it’s easy to see that his game is all about pinpoint accuracy and hitting the right club at the right time. Many players who want to play better golf will work hard at improving their single plane swing.

To improve your single plane golf swing, spend a lot of time practicing. Not just any practice however, as hard as you may try to copy Tiger’s game swing, the best instruction comes from watching Tiger perform his feats. Watch him play on television and pay close attention to what type of plane he’s using. For instance, when he’s playing a long chip shot, he’ll go back to his backhand down swing. This type of shot is used by many of the great pros in the game to consistently get the ball airborne.

Another tip for getting your single plane golf swing on plane correctly is to always make sure you don’t leave the golf course until the day before you’re set to play. One of the biggest mistakes made by many players is that they tend to leave the golf course the night before. If you’re going to be playing a tournament, always have a few hours available so that you can practice all week.

Finally, although a single plane golf swing may seem simple, it does take some strength and skill to master. This is why it’s important to work with a golf pro to help you gain the proper swing. Ask questions, watch videos, and practice. Although it may take some time to perfect your technique, your game will be well on its way to becoming great.

So which is better, a one plane swing or a two plane swing? Well, it’s a question that you need to figure out yourself. As long as you’re consistent with your practice and with the type of clubs you use, there should be no difference between the two plane systems. As for which club to use, Tiger Woods has always used a low-lofted club in his single plane golf swing while Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson have always used a high-lofted iron in their two plane swing. The choice really comes down to personal preference.