Why Choose the Ironwood Golf Course

Ironwood Golf Course is one of the premier courses in Michigan. Located in Port Huron, Ironwood Golf Course features an exquisite design surrounding lustrously landscaped pine trees and strategically placed lakes. The contortedly designed fairways and strategically situated bunkers provide every skill level a tremendous chance to hone your skills. The 18-hole Ironwood Golf Course offers many challenges including its par 4 course. You’ll find this course’s layout somewhat similar to the St. Andrews Golf Course located in Scotland.

Practice Putting: This is a terrific feature of the ironwood golf course to enjoy. As you swing your club you’ll notice that your grip and stance are just perfect. The only problem is that it’s hard to actually feel what you’re doing as you are concentrating on your aim and the shot. However, once you’ve practiced enough and have honed your techniques you will discover that practice putting will really help you with your score. This is an excellent way for all ages to improve their game.

Mini Pitches: Throughout the course you will notice small ponds and miniature greens. If you enjoy playing in these kinds of settings then you’ll definitely enjoy practicing at Ironwood. They’re also great ways for kids to get the practice they need without disrupting the adults who want to play.

Mini-Greens: Many people enjoy hitting the links on the smaller version of the greens. The smaller greens allow families and groups of friends to practice putting and chipping for fun. And if you are practicing to improve your handicap then these mini-greens are perfect.

Practice Design: Located just minutes from Detroit, Ironwood Golf Course is conveniently set near some of the best restaurants in the area. If you love food and eating you will love Ironwood. The courses are designed to be friendly, yet challenging. Some of the holes even have sand traps. This assures that your game will stay challenging as you advance to the end of the round.

Amenities: If you want a great meal after you play this wonderful golf course, there are tons of restaurants to choose from. They offer plenty of great dining options. They also provide great local entertainment for you and your family. For the golfers in your group, there is a club room available for rent. It’s close to the course so you can spend more time practicing.

Staff: The staff at Ironwood is friendly and knowledgeable. You will feel welcome as you learn more about the history of the course. They also take care of any other needs you may have before, during, and after your round of golf.

Access: There is plenty of open space on the greens at the ironwood golf course. It’s very easy for visitors to get around and find their way around the course. It also makes for a great day out. With many players enjoying the course from the stands, you will have an exciting day playing the greens.

Amenities: There are also many amenities available on the greens at the Ironwood golf course. During your round of golf, you can enjoy the swimming pool, tennis courts, picnic areas, and many other things. You don’t have to worry about anything when you play here. You can relax and play.

Location: This course is right in the heart of Lithia Springs, just a short distance from the beach. You will be close to all the activities that the area has to offer. It’s a great place for the whole family to come together and have fun.

Amenities: Another great thing about the Ironwood golf course is all of the facilities it offers its visitors. It provides great hospitality and gives families a wonderful place to play. It’s also close by to the beach so that you can enjoy some fine shade and a cool breeze. It’s close enough to get home and back to your family quickly so that you and your loved ones can have a great time together.

Location: The Ironwood golf course is right on the Southern part of Lithia Springs, Georgia. It is near some beautiful homes and great schools. You can walk to the ocean or take a boat out into the gulf. You also won’t have far to get to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean because it is just a short boat ride away. The greens are not very far from anywhere you want to be on the greens.