Why Do Golfer yell Fore When They Hit a Great Shot?

Why do golfers yell “Fore!” after a hit? Many players explain that they did not think the ball was in play when they hit it, but the official who reviewed it declared otherwise. If you watch professional golf on television, you will often see the commentator declare the ball had been out by several inches or that perhaps the player had missed the ball. The first reaction most players have is to yell “Fore!”

Why Do Golfer yell Fore When They Hit a Great Shot?


I have watched countless tournaments and always asked myself why? Is it a lack of ability or are they trying to make a play? Do they believe that if they miss this ball, they are somehow cheating? I’ve often thought that this is why the professionals look at the clock and begin yelling Fore! Of course, we are talking about a game where every second counts. We are looking at seconds of lost time that could have been saved.


In my opinion, a ball that is out of position, not in line with the target, or otherwise in an improper position could easily be “pinched” by a professional golfer. If this happens while your opponent is charging toward the hole, and you happen to be next to him, it could ruin your entire shot. Imagine what happens if you lose your grip of the club, miss the hole, and your opponent makes a perfect, clean shot. It would be devastating.


I believe that most golfers yell “Fore!” because they think they were just as close to hitting a perfect shot. That is, they assume their swing was so good that they did not need to check the distance. I know this can be true, but is it the reason professional golfers yell “Fore?”


I believe the reason many golfers yell “Fore,” is when they hit a bad shot on the first or second tee. They believe they have missed the ball, and it will never come into play. As it turns out, they are correct. The ball did not go where they thought it would, and they will never forget that. But this is what I call a positive mindset.


A negative mindset is what keeps amateur golfers from knocking out the professionals. Remember, we are playing a highly competitive sport. We are trying to hit our ball into a tiny hole. That is not easy, especially when you are brand new. The difference between a great professional and a bad professional is attitude.


For instance, if you are an amateur, you probably do not want to learn to hit your driver off the tee. You may even try to hit it too hard because you think you have to learn how to “get the ball in the air.” But, you have to learn how to hit a draw or fade before you can hope for anything else. In other words, you must learn the skills of great players before you can hope to compete with them.


So, why do you yell at your ball after you have already hit it? If you are trying to learn new skills, then give your ball some time to learn some lessons. The best thing to do is to practice. Keep repeating your swings until you can make corrections without yelling. Only then should you start yelling.


Why do you yell at your ball after you have made several mistakes? If you want to learn how to correct your game, it is important that you look at your mistakes and recognize them for what they are. Then, decide how you want to address them. Maybe you will want to talk your handicaps to someone so that you can work on your game. Or, maybe you will want to just tell yourself that you made a mistake and move on.


When you are playing a game, there is only so much that you can control. Other factors such as wind, weather, and crazy people on the course can mess up your day. In order to be successful, you have to learn to deal with these factors. That is what it is meant by “control” – being able to control the outcome of your game.


You do not want to yell fore after you have hit a great shot. When you do that, it can seem like you are trying to push your ball further in front of the golfer. It can also make the golfer mad that he lost all of his momentum and didn’t even try to swing the club as hard as he could. So, instead of yelling “Yahoo!” when you have hit a great shot, take a few deep breaths, look around the green, and then start swinging!