Why Tiger Woods Uses a Training Aid to Improve His Golf Swing

One of Tiger Woods’ golfing buddies has provided the latest training aid to the golfer. A video camera mounted on a swing analyzer has been invaluable in aiding Tiger to perfect his game. The video camera has been used as an aide to Tiger to analyze his swing, making it possible for Tiger to see himself at work and concentrate on the proper grip, stance, and motion. This invaluable aid has enabled Tiger to improve his short game and putt better. The video camera is a small device about the size of a cell phone that sits directly on the club and permits Tiger to see himself at work.

With this invaluable tool, Tiger is now able to see exactly how his hands should be placed on the club when swinging. The problem with the conventional way of holding a golf club was the knees would tend to get the shaft of the club bent when attempting a great downswing. The conventional method of holding the club simply resulted in the golfer leaning back slightly, losing the forward drive that is so vital to a great swing. The use of the video camera has provided Tiger Woods with a coach like presence to help him correct his faults in the golf swing.

The video camera does more than just help Woods make the proper grip and address though. It also teaches him how to position himself prior to each shot. The positioning lesson is very important to a golf player because it enables him to determine which foot should be put first in the stance. Without this crucial step, Woods would find it difficult to execute a correct backswing and follow through.

Using the trainer, Tiger has learned how to position himself for each phase of his swing. As he progresses through each stage of development, he watches the video tape to see if there are any errors. If there are, then the corresponding corrective measures are practiced. The Tiger Woods training aid has even helped him perfect his short game by providing feedback on his irons shot. The video camera has revolutionized how professional golfers learn how to execute their short game.

The video training aid has enabled Woods to develop a swing that gets the ball airborne at a maximum distance. During practice, he can see the various ways to hit the ball and gain further confidence in his swinging techniques. He can now leave the room and let the computer do the thinking. Woods is able to concentrate on improving his game instead of fretting over various problems in his golf swing.

Another important aspect of the training aid is its ability to help the amateur golfer to execute a flawless downswing. This is especially important because it allows Woods to focus only on those points of his swing that are beneficial to his game. Without the trainer, he would be forced to waste time correcting the wrong moves. That will only result in a loss of concentration in the next game.

Tiger is so impressed by the training aid that he is willing to use it during the off season to keep his game sharp. While driving around in his car, Woods noticed that other players were paying more attention to the training aid than him. It was as if they wanted to know how he was going to swing. It was as if they were trying to get an idea from him as to what he was going to do. It is true that Tiger is very dedicated to perfecting his swing. This is why he does not even play with his trainer during practice.

Many professionals are now using training aids to help them perfect their game. Many of these training aids have been invented by professionals and have been tried and tested to work well. Tiger Woods is not the first professional to try a training aid to improve his golf swing. If it works, then why not use it?