Why You Should Only Use a Professional Golf Fitting Specialist For Your Upcoming Golf Match

Why You Should Only Use a Professional Golf Fitting Specialist For Your Upcoming Golf Match

Golf fitting is the process of creating a proper club that will help improve your swing. You may have seen golfers with a sweet spot on their swing where their hands are at least an inch apart as they make an impact with the ball. This part of the swing allows the club to be at the correct angle and not break at impact. The most important thing when you are trying to get a better swing is to have a proper fitting club.


Golf fitting is very different from using an automatic launch monitor that measures the angle, swing speed and other factors such as stance and body size. When you are sitting, you are taking into consideration all of the unique aspects of your golfing style and individuality. Golf fitting can involve many things including, but not limited to, spine angles, knee flex, shoulder flex points, placement of hands on the club, release of wrists, and the distance from the finger to the clubshaft.


It is important that you talk through your entire swing with a professional golf fitting specialist to get a feel for how your body moves during the swing. There are many golfers who are unaware that they are moving in a way that could negatively affect their ability to achieve a good swing. Talk through everything from your posture to your breathing to see if there is anything that stands out in your swing that could be causing issues. If so, then you should find ways to correct or change it before you proceed any further.


The next step of golf fitting is to go over your equipment. This includes the shaft, club head, grip, shoes, alignment, and stance. This step is more critical than the swing itself and should not be rushed through. A professional golf fitting specialist will take all of these items into consideration to ensure that you have the best equipment possible and that you swing the club correctly. They will explain each piece individually so that you understand exactly what is happening with your swing.


Once all of the golf clubs fitted, the next step is to look over your setup. You may find that you have some issues with your stance or alignment that are affecting your game. Your golf club fitting specialist can help you to identify these issues and work on them. It may be that you are moving about too much, or your grip may be too loose. These professionals can help you to adjust all of these things so that you are playing the best possible golf.


Professional golf fitting specialists use a state of the art technology for measuring your swing speed and club fit. You will be provided with custom made club fitting charts that show the exact angles, line positions, and distance readings that you need to achieve in order to hit the ball the distance that you want. The Exclusive Trackman Technology for up to date club fitting ensures that your club fitting process runs smoothly and accurately as well as looking great. The specialists take the time to measure your swing speed, hand plane, swing speed, stance, alignment, and any other factors that may affect your game so that they can provide you with the clubs that are best suited for you.