Women’s Golf Outfit – What to Look For

It is summer time once again, and if you are a golfer, your game will certainly improve with a better choice of women’s golf attire. There are so many great choices out there! Do you go for comfort and fit or stylish looks? It’s entirely up to you. Let’s take a look at some of the top picks this year:

Golf Basics The golf basics are back in style. A plain t-shirt and dark jeans are a classic tee shirt look that never fails to work. Look for cotton fabrics that are both comfortable and durable. They should also be easy to wash and care for. These items can all be found in stores or online.

Golf Pants You can never go wrong with the classic pullover style of women’s golf outfit pants. It never fails to look smart, casual and comfy all at the same time. Pair them with a graphic tee shirt and a golf-themed belt to create an all-American look. Pants are an essential for any look, and they’re always in style.

Tee Shirt The classic tee shirt is a classic staple of any woman golf outfit. You can choose from lots of different colors and styles. You can also pair them with a bold, patterned shirt for a unique look. Don’t be afraid to be daring with this wardrobe staple.

Golf Balls There aren’t many other accessories more essential to your women’s golf outfit than the right golf ball. As long as it’s a standard size, you won’t have any issues with finding the perfect ones. Try to stay away from promotional or themed balls though, as they’ll definitely be distracting. Just pick out a basic black or golf ball for everyday wear. You can always jazz things up with a colored golf ball, a logo or a flower.

Earrings A golf outfit is only complete without the perfect pair of earrings. Choose a pair that coordinates with your shoes and golfing attire. If you want to add a little bit of bling to your look, opt for dangling earrings. They’re much easier to wear than traditional clip-ons. They’re also easier to play sports with, since you won’t have to hold on to a golf club all day long.

Golf Umbrellas Another essential to a women’s golf outfit is a golf umbrella. It’s important to find the right umbrella to go with your golfing attire, since there are so many options available. You can find umbrellas that come in basic styles or those with an elegant arched design. You can also find golf umbrella stands, which make it easy to keep your umbrella nearby.

Other accessories Make up is also important when you’re hitting the links. A golf glove, sunglasses and hats are all essentials when you’re out playing. Your golf outfit doesn’t have to be too fancy, though. Keep things simple, such as simple shoes and socks. You’ll still get a stylish look when you’re out on the course, whether you choose to play your round of golf in jeans and a t-shirt or dress up for your favorite Sunday game of golf.

Sunglasses Women tend to play more golfing than men, largely because it’s tough to see when you’re on the course. But women do still need to protect their eyes, even if it’s just while they’re swinging their clubs. A pair of aviators or glasses with polarized lenses can solve that problem. And don’t think you have to wear these with your golf outfit, either. Many companies make eyeglass frames specifically for women golfing, meaning all you need is a set of glasses to hit the fairway.

Earphones Women golfers love earbuds. Not every woman has perfect hearing, though. If yours is not quite perfect, then consider buying some golf earphones. Earbuds are small headphones that fit into your golf bag. They plug into your golfhead so you can hear every word of your game, even those annoying cracks in the grass. These make it much easier to concentrate on your game and less likely to forget to switch off the light and read your guide book.

Other Accessory Your golf outfit will also come with other accessories. These include tees, shoes, bags, socks and even head covers. You’ll need something to tie your tees, whether it’s a golf towel or a headband. Shoes, of course, allow you to play golf more efficiently. If you’re going on a golf holiday with your partner, they’ll love the fact you’re both able to enjoy the game, and that you have the same golfing attire.

But above all, remember to have fun! The point of a women’s golfing outfit is to make golfing a fun time. If you do that, then the outfits are definitely worth wearing. But if you’re still not sure which outfit to choose, there are many styles and colors to choose from online, so take your time.