Women’s Golf Skort – Fun and Fashionable!

If you reside in a very warm climate and love to golf often, without doubt you have several pair of women’s golf skorts. Ladies golf shorts and skorts are a great way to appear and feel feminine while still dressing modestly devoid of the risk of exposing your undergarments to anyone while out on the course.

Even about the windiest of days, you’ll not need to bother about your skirt flying up as you will be fully covered with adding the hidden shorts within the skirt. These skorts are stylish and trendy and you will be resembling millions of bucks on the course!

Golf skorts nowadays appear in many different colors, textures and patterns. Pairing a noticeable khaki skort with a bright argyle sweater and matching polo shirt and visor may have you looking the part out on the course. Skorts could be worn with practically any sort of golfing top.

A polo shirt of the style with sleeveless, long or short sleeves is usually what is worn with a skort.

You can wear a fashionable golf sweater by Callaway or even a warm windbreaker jacket if the temperature is somewhat windy or you have an early tee time.

It is important to keep in mind that women must adhere to the same rules as men. If the dress code at the golf course calls for shorts that hit the knee, your skort must hit with the knee. Some courses allows the skorts to be a little shorter, once they are of the appropriate length and are not very revealing.

Liz Claiborne is known to create fun and fashion-forward women’s golf skorts to adjust to every lover of golf. Liz Claiborne is just not afraid to learn with colors or textures and each season arises with inventive color combinations that can really allow you to dazzle on the golf course.

You will be the envy of all the women golfers out on the course. You can dress appropriately, abiding by the guidelines from the the game, while still taking that extra factor to be fashionable and fun.