Women’s Golf Skort – Fun and Fashionable!

Skorts and ladies golf shorts are both a fashion crime, but the secret is to cover as much of your bum as possible, and no one can see past that. Golf skorts these days are a hot item on the Golf Clubs and Minis and I have no doubt that this style will be very in next year with the launch of the most popular model from Top Flight, the Virgo Pace.

Golf skorts are trendy and stylish enough to take you from morning coffee and a walking trail to a golf course for a round of golf. They’re hot to wear all season long to keep your winter blues away and to keep you warm and comfortable, especially on warm spring or fall days.

It’s time to stop worrying about what you look like while you’re playing golf and start focusing on having fun on the course.

If you are in the market for a new skort for spring or fall that you can wear in the sand traps, trees, or off the tee, then look no further. I have a favorite that I think looks good on most women.

Minitür Golf Skort

Mitsi is a high-quality brand, so you know that these golf skorts are made to last. They are made in Mexico from high-quality fabric and feature high-waisted, pleated side slits, which you can easily remove for a better fit. They also have long, attractive bottoms, and the most important thing is that they have a classic look. The Minitür golf skort looks great and feels great too! You can wear it to play at a course or at home on the backyard course. This golf skort can go from the driving range to the clubhouse, and it also comes in black. If you want to be fashionable while you are on the links, this is your skort.

Skirt and Tops

When looking for stylish women golf clothes, you can’t go wrong with a skirt and top from Brooke Shields. These outfits were made for ease of movement. They are classic in design and not very complex. Wear these skirts with a casual tee for a more relaxed look or pair them with a dressy skirt and top for the office. Whatever your style, you can wear this ready to play outfit whether you are playing 18 holes or hitting a few holes of golf during your lunch break. Get your own Brooke Shields Mara Jacket at Zappos.com and keep on-course fashion stylish.


If you like that Brooke Shields look but want to go for something a little less work-related you can wear one of her tops with leggings and her skirt. These Brooke Shields Mara Leggings and Legging are from Kohl’s. They look fashionable and you can wear them for yoga, running or going shopping.

Brooke Shields Mara Shorts are a great pair to use to wear to work with a blazer or as a dress. They come in a ton of colors from light to dark blues and subtle teal, canary yellow and even a gray. The Mara Shorts retail for $29.99 at Kohl’s.com and the Mara Jacket is also available there. Brooke Shields Mara Skirts retail for $29.99 and $44.99. Brooke Shields Mara Shoes are a good alternative to the Mara jacket. They come in nude and black and cost $89.99 at Kohl’s.com. The Mara Shorts are available at Kohls.com and Mara Shorts at Zappos.com.

Golf Sweater

You can wear a fashionable golf sweater and still look quite chic. Though they are typically associated with men’s fashion, a golf sweater can look quite stylish on a female. Look for one that features several vertical strips of fabric in an interesting pattern or stain-repellent fabrics. You can also choose a knit top, which is less restrictive and less bulky.