Womens Slow Motion Golf Swings

The ladies are known for their beauty and swift play, but what about their golf game? Are the ladies’ slow motion golf swings really that bad? There seems to be some confusion between a slow motion swing and a jerky one. In fact, a slow motion golf swing is a completely normal and safe action in golf. And it’s the jerky or fast motion golf swings which are considered unsafe and often result in bad shots and bad scores.

A slow motion golf swing begins with a forward arm position which pulls back slightly at the waist to position the hips and knees slightly in line with the target. As the club approaches the ball with the backswing, the forward arm naturally moves backward but should not necessarily follow through the whole length of the swing; it only needs to be slightly bent back. This keeps the clubhead well away from the ball and helps maintain good balance and control during the swing. Ladies’ swing will naturally be a bit less efficient than a gentlemen’s because of the tendency for the lady to use her hands more while swinging the club.

Another difference between a fast and a slow motion golf swing is the angle of the shoulder turn. With the fast swing, the shoulders will turn initially on the backswing and then turn again as the club impacts on the ball. With ladies swing, the shoulders remain closed during the initial part of the swing but then open slightly as the swing continues. This results in an easier transition for the club to hit the ball, as the club is hitting the ball at a mild angle. Also, ladies tend to have a better follow through when swinging a golf club compared to men. The reason for this is that they are able to generate more clubhead speed and generate an opposite-velocity impact on the golf ball.

While a fast and a slow motion golf swing are commonly seen in men and women, there are other differences as well. A fast golf swing is considered to be a powerful golf swing, which means that it is characterized by an overpowering power in the impact zone. An example of this is a backswing where the club is lifted high in the air. While this is commonly seen in men, well-executed ladies swing can also include this type of move.

A slow motion golf swing is often seen with a high arch in the backswing. Ladies generally tend to have more “give” in their swings, so they tend to swing the club at a lower velocity. The slower motion is done at a lower speed. Because of the lack of swing speed, ladies swing will have more “oomph” and generate a more effective “swing end” position.

Both swings can produce good results. Each has its own benefits, however; the best way to choose a swing is based on what you prefer. A slow motion swing produces a more fluid motion and a more complete golf shot. A higher swing speed produces a more powerful hit, but it is easier to slice the ball.

An easy way to correct a slicing swing is to move your hips while your left knee is staying bent and the club stays over your right shoulder. As you swing through the ball, you will feel your hips begin to move as you turn through the shot. This will help correct your approach.

There are many ways to approach this important swing and ladies should know that they are not alone. Learning the proper way to swing your golf club can help improve golfers everywhere. If you want to improve your game, you must first make sure that you are doing everything correctly. A little study of the professional golfers can help you understand just what makes the professional ladies so successful at their game.