Yoga For Golfers – Improve Your Swing

Yoga For Golfers – Improve Your Swing

Yoga for golfers is a good way to enhance the all-round game of golfers. The most important benefit that can be achieved through yoga is to enhance flexibility. Open up the chest, relax the shoulders, improve flexibility in the back, and increase mental focus & coordination. By practicing yoga, you will be able to address a range of muscle groups which will improve your fitness. In this article, we will discuss some yoga postures that can be useful for golfers.


One of the yoga poses especially suitable for golfers is Parthasana (abdominal breathing) or Vermukhasana (exercise of the entire trunk). This yoga for golfers pose is also known as the warrior pose and it opens up the chest and enables the golfer to breathe fully. The benefits of the pose include improved posture, better flexibility and strength of the back, enhanced concentration, better lymphatic flow and more. To get maximum benefits, perform the pose slowly with controlled breathing and synchronization with the body’s movements. Repeat the pose slowly a number of times.


For golfers who are suffering from back problems and stiffness, hamstrings pose or Adho Mukta Svanasana is very beneficial. In this yoga for golfers pose, the upper torso is supported by straightening out the legs. This posture enables the golfer to stretch the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, hip flexors, and lower back, improving their physical stability.


Another yoga for golfers is Hatha Yoga or Power yoga. This yoga for beginners technique focuses on the muscles, joints and ligaments, helping you improve your balance and flexibility. Some of the poses like the trunk stretch, Kapalabhati, and downward facing boat pose, strengthen the muscles in the sides, hips, pelvis and lower back, helping the golfer to generate more power while swinging his club. These poses help you maintain the right swing and avoid over-swinging during the game.


One important fact about yoga for golfers is that it improves your muscular strength and stamina. It helps you increase your muscular strength by stretching and toning every major muscle group in the body. The stretching action of yoga activates the muscles underneath the skin. It is one of the best ways to increase the strength and endurance of the entire body. With the help of yoga strengthening exercises, you can improve the strength of your whole body and improve your golf swing as well.


Golfers who have mobility problems can use yoga to improve their strength and flexibility. The poses in yoga strengthen the tendons, making the muscles more flexible. They also promote strength building and improved range of motion. They can be used during golf exercises to prevent injury and increase your flexibility and strength. Yoga poses that involve your feet and ankles can strengthen your ankle joints by increasing the strength of the ligaments and the muscles supporting your ankles.


Another area that yoga for golfers improve is their external rotation. This part of the body requires a lot of strength. Golfers with weak outer rotation can injure their shoulders, hips and knees. These poses are great for increasing the strength of the external rotation of the pelvis. These poses include the triangle poses, mountain and downward facing dog, which work on strengthening the external rotation of the hips and shoulders.


Yoga for golfers improve the flexibility of their spine. The spine is the major support system of the body. Its main functions include maintaining posture, balance and movement. When a person’s spine is not properly aligned, his body becomes susceptible to backaches, knee and neck pain. Hatha yoga positions like forward bend and reverse triangle help in aligning the spine and improving the flexibility of the spine. Other yoga poses for the lower back are the abdominal stretch and fish pose, which help improve the flexibility of the lower back.