Yoga Golf Stretches – 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

Yoga Golf Stretches – 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

Yoga and golf go together because they are both about flexibility and stretching. Golf involves a lot of stretching as you swing the club across the green. You can’t just “swing” the club – you need to move your body and shift your weight to the front foot as you do so to achieve maximum power. This results in your hips, knees and thighs becoming loose and flexible. And you want these parts of your body to be as flexible as possible throughout your golf game.


Fortunately, there are yoga golf stretches that will help you make your body as flexible as possible. For example, you can stretch your hamstrings (the muscles of the back of the thigh) while stretching your quadriceps (the muscles of your front leg). Yoga uses postures (asanas) to stretch the body. The poses you learn from yoga golf stretches will help you increase flexibility by allowing your muscles to lengthen and then relax.


Another way to improve your golf swing is through the use of yoga golf exercises. A popular series of yoga golf stretches is called the hundred-smile stretch. It is especially effective for people who are overweight and/or who have back problems or other muscular deficiencies. The series of yoga golf stretches concentrates on gliding (with your arms and legs) along the outside of your body, rather than gliding (which means moving with your legs and arms in a straight line). This smooth, flowing movement increases the distance you hit the golf ball with your club.


Other yoga golf exercises focus on strengthening your core muscles. The muscles of your core support and stabilize your entire body. And as they strengthen, they become more flexible, which makes them more able to absorb the impact of your swing. When your swing is less likely to be blocked by your body, it makes the whole golf experience more enjoyable. Plus, if you’re in poor shape, a strong core can help you avoid injury.


You might also try some basic yoga golf exercises, such as those that improve your flexibility. For example, if you sit a lot in your car or truck while working on the driving handle, you may end up with back pain later on down the line. One way around this is to bend at the waist, and then extend your legs outward. The stretch helps your hips and knees, which will decrease the amount of stress placed on your back. Yoga golf exercises like this are easy enough to do, even while watching television.


There are a few yoga golf stretches that focus solely on your arms and hands. These include the extended palm pose, or Tiger Balancing, which helps focus not only on your wrist and forearm joints, but also on your elbow and forearms. There’s also the plank yoga golf stretch, which uses a simple set-up where you keep your elbows touching for several seconds. Both of these stretches strengthen your muscles and tendons, so they’ll be less likely to wear out on the course.


Of course, the most effective yoga golf exercises involve a full-body workout. You should definitely stretch and warm up before a game, but the real workout takes place after your ball is struck. Begin stretching and warming up on the outside of your body, not the inside. Then, move toward the center of your back, and then to the sides. Keep moving toward your front foot, too, since that part of the body is also involved in your golf swing.


With these yoga golf stretches, you can keep injury away, improve your flexibility, and add more power to your swing. They’re easy enough to do, even when watching television. They’ll also be fun and refreshing during a round of golf, so you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand – not your well-deserved lack of concentration. That should be enough of a reason to start yoga golf stretches right away.